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Happy New Year, Wealthy Affiliate! We all know that 2014 will be an awesome year and I would like to share an old (Sept. 2013) Youtube video with some of you, who haven't seen it yet. Check it out here: This video got 17,000,000 views in 3 months. This is an awesome way to quit your job. We should all understand her statement: "I believe it's more important to focus on the quality of the content. When you learn to improve this, the views will come" I
The truth is, most people will not click on anything or read anything that doesn't pique their interest. Why do you think newspapers use such shocking and intriguing titles? Because people want to read them. You have most likely heard the secret to writing a great blog post or a great sales letter: "Make Sure Your Title is So Interesting That The Readers Will Want to Read The Subtitle!" This applies to forums, online communities and even Wealthy Affiliate. I often notice blog posts and discus
“I am ranking well. People are coming to my sites but no one is buying anything through my links, why is that?” This question comes up pretty often on many Internet marketing websites, including WA. Unfortunately have a website and even traffic might not be enough to make you rich. There are two main reasons why this happens: 1.Your visitors aren't targeted properly. You can make a site in the “weight loss” industry and you show off all these amazing diet plans, proven to work, reco
I have mentioned several times here on WA that I make my own photos and images for my blogs and sites. Taking photos from the internet is risky, even images claimed as "copyright-free" might actually hold copyrights and as soon as you use those images you might get sued. The chances of it happening are slim but it is possible. Buying the images is a better idea however I would often spend hours looking for a proper images to buy and sometimes I still can't find what I want. The costs of these
When I saw this this awesome graffiti on a billboard right next to my home I just stopped and starred at it for a few long minutes. This positive and motivational phrase on an old broken billboard seems so sincere and at the same time so impossible. The billboard represents the average beginner internet marketer, someone who doesn't have much money if any at all but who's full of hope and positive thoughts. A beginner marketer knows, just like that billboard that some hugely successful and po
I have decided to write this blog post because I just got another e-mail from this dude and it put a big smile on my face :) A while ago I have received an e-mail from a 14-year-old Jeremy. He has been reading my Internet Marketing blog and told me how we would love to make money online but he couldn't sign up for any affiliate networks because he wasn't of legal age. He couldn't buy hosting or a domain name because of the same reason, lack of Paypal account and a credit card. I felt authenti
EDIT: The issue has been solved with an hour. Details at the bottom of the post. It has come to my attention that an article (training) that I wrote within Wealthy Affiliate has been copied and pasted on a website owned by a WA member. Knowing that WA teaches us to create our own quality content – it really sucks making this kind of discoveries. I have contacted the member and I am hoping the content will be removed. There are several reasons why You shouldn’t copy other people’s con
Sometimes I lack motivation. As I spend a fair amount of time on Wealthy Affiliate and some other marketing websites and blog - I see that I am not alone. Lack of motivation happens to the best of us but we have to push through it. Success is not as far as we think but the road to success is never-ending, there are stop signs, red lights and sometimes the GPS doesn't work as well as we should - but we shouldn't stop going forward. I said it many times and I will always stick by this statement:
“How to find a good niche” is one of the most popular questions when it comes to Internet Marketing. Beginner marketers are already overwhelmed with all of the new information; domains, hosting, wordpress, keyword, content, etc and now we also need to select a niche? Well, where do I even start? This article will help you get some good ideas. If you already have a website this post will help you generate article ideas and title ideas. Sometimes we overlook the most obvious places when it c
I was cleaning out my computer and getting rid of some old files, this is when I stumbled upon an image. A screenshot that I took exactly 5 years ago: I have also used this image to promote Wealthy Affiliate, because this is where I learned to make money like this :D As you can see: 1 Day 7 sales $834.76 in commissions earned So an average of $119.25 per saleSo what did I sell and how? I sold... hosting plans. I do not have a site selling hosting, however, every single year, on Black Friday I