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Hey WA ;) A few months ago I interviewed someone I met while traveling through Europe. Orest has visited over 50 countries in the past few years while building and growing his online business. I think this interview might be very interesting to many members here because we're covering such topics as: - How long does it reaaly take to make money online - Why you should provide value before asling for money - How to manage your time properly - How to stay motivated - How much time to invest in y
February 20, 2015
Hey, WA! Over the past months I've been stumbling upon my images all over the internet and it's really awesome to see that people are actually using the content I give away. I got some free time and decided to add NEW photos for you to use, free of charge. I've added about 60 new photos just yesterday! You can now find over 110 photos and images at: More images will be added in the upcoming weeks ;) I have all the rights to this content (as I am the one who creat
Hey folks! Just a heads up to those who don't like their domain name registrar. For the second year NameCheap is doing the "Move Your Domain Day" where you can transfer your domains to them for $3.98. This means that you'll add another year of registration to whatever time you still have left on that domain. NameCheap also gives you 1 year of free "private registration". I just moved the 6 domains that I still had with GoDaddy. FInally I am not a GoDaddy customer anymore :) From NameCheap: "Tod
Hey, WA'ers! I've spent the last few weeks re-designing my blog and I'd love to hear your feedback! Do you like the look? Does it load well for you? Suggestions? Comments? You can find the site here: Extra Paycheck Blog Thanks so much, - Alex
Hey, WA! I just wrote a blog post where I explain most of the online marketing acronyms that I see and use quite often. I hope some you will find this list useful. I would appreciate your feedback on that list and maybe you can add some other abbreviations that I missed, so I could edit the post and turn it into a "full list of acronyms". Thanks! Top Internet Marketing Acronyms - Alex
Hello, WA! I haven't been on WA often for the past months as I was too busy traveling. I mentioned this trip in the previous WA blog post. - Dubrovnik a.k.a. King's Landing What I've realized, working is a little hard when you wake up in a different city every 2-3 days. It's a little easier when you stay at the same place for a week or more. For the curious ones, here is a list of countries I visited this time: Poland Ukraine Romania Bulgaria Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Alban
Hello, WA. I haven't been active for the past few weeks - because I have been busy planning my next adventure abroad! As you may already know I live in Montreal. A week ago I actually landed in Warsaw, Poland. I will be staying in Europe until mid-August or so, that's over 5 months total. I am planning to live in Poland for a few months (with weekend trips to different countries/cities) and for the last 2 months of Europe I am planning to visit many other countries; Netherlands, Germany, Be
Some of the long-time WA members might remember the times when WA had a forum. Well, I somehow stumbled upon that old forum today and had a blast reading posts from 2007-2008.. I also found my own post from early 2008 and decided to copy/paste it here in order to share it with you:First $400+ Day!!! (3 month at WA) Hey Guys and Gals! I have been a WA for at bit over 3 month... without any previous IM experience. When I look at my CB account, I still can't believe it, but here it is:
I wrote a new post on my blog and decided to share some of that info here on WA. 7 new top-level domains (gTLDs) became available for registration this week: .bike .clothing .holdings .guru .plumbing .singles .venturesHundreds of other new gTLDs will be made available throughout this year. 60 new domain extensions are available on pre-order, including: .education, .company, .tips, .sexy and many others. These domains might sound great but should you care? I can't tell you what to do but I will
Not too long ago I jumped into a new niche in the industry of Local Marketing. Offering SEO and site building and logo creation and mobile and reputation management and blogging and a lot more is very tempting but I decided to concentrate on one single niche. When you concentrate on one thing - you become great at it. You become an expert. So, when I told my friends about my new business the conversation would go like this: Friend: "Wow, that sounds like a great idea for any local business to