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Hey WA!January 25th to 29 of 2016 I was in Las Vegas for the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference. Here is how you can get there next year: even attending the conference I started thinking that it would make a cool blog post for other WA members but then I got a better idea: make a video ;)So if you are curious about what went down that week in Vegas, check out this video: me know what you think a
Hey Wealthy Affiliate!I love reading case studies and learning new tricks from them. If you look through my WA blog history you'll find a lot of post where I talk about the theory of things, however lately I've been trying to post advice that can be tracked. This is yet another post where I will be revealing actual results that I got from applying a "theory".So first the stats. My blog gets about 300 unique visitors per day. A few days ago I published a post and got 5 times that! Take a look:Th
Not too long ago I attended one of Jay's video webinars right here on WA.This is the one I am talking about: I've heard of the heat maps before, I even installed a free plugin on my blog called heatmap .me but I never really used it (until Jay's webinar).So I activated the plugin and go some VERY interesting insights on my own website. In this post I'd like to share some numbers and thoughts that would definitely encourage you to try
December 07, 2015
Hello Wealthy Affiliate!Today I'd like to share a small win with you. However, as I often do, I prefer to turn my blog posts into something more educational to hopefully inspire someone to take action.My main source of income is affiliate marketing however this post is about a completely different side of online business.First, let me brag a little.Here are the stats from my Etsy account for the past 7 days:and here is the screenshot from my Amazon Seller account (not affiliate):And here is the
Hey folks! Alex aka Canuck here!Eight years ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I joined out of desperation. I spend a lot of money on "scams" and when I came across WA I promised myself that would be the last "make money" training I'd ever join... and I am still here.Over the years I have learned a ton on WA. I keep learning new things every time I log in. More importantly, I've made friends here. I've made online friends and I met real life friends. I met up with fellow WA members here in Montrea
Few months ago I took Kyle's challenge to write 10 reviews of at least 1,000 words each. It sounded hard but ended up a lot easier than I thought.After that challenge I noticed that all of my posts were now 1000-2000 words long. The more you do it the easier it gets.Then I started aiming for 2,000 word blog post. I noticed that these posts rank better in google. Bounce rate for these posts was significantly lower than for 500 word posts. User engagement (and social shares) were also higher for l
Hey WA community! Some of you may know that I launched a podcast on April 6th and so far I have released 3 interviews with awesome guests :) In episode 2 my guest explains how he's getting 1 penny clicks on Facebook ads and how you can do the same In episode 3 my guest explains how he turned a simple idea into a profitable local business (by using Internet) In episode 4 my guest explains how they built a very small (and unknown) website into a $365,000 company within a year (by mostly using soc
Hey, Wealthy Affiliate ;) Today I would like to share my experience and knowledge about Instagram. I am not social marketing pro and I am rather new to Instagram so take my words with a grain of salt. The experience I am about to describe worked very well for me and I am sure it will work for many other niches. On March 6th I started a brand new Instagram account and on April 6th that account had over 1,200 followers. Please note these are not bots but real people who like photos, comment and
March 24, 2015
Hey, WA! I am launching a podcast soon and already started recording a few episodes. The main goal of the podcast is to interview successful entrepreneurs who use Internet as a tool to grow their business. If you are making a living because of Internet, I'd love to talk to you! Interested? Please do get in touch with me. Know someone who has an interesting story to share? Please let me know :) - Alex
Hey, folks! Wealthy Affiliate teaches us to create original content. This is a big part of your future success. Unlike many other "programs", Wealthy Affiliate also makes it very clear that there is NO magic shortcut to success. If you want to make money and build a sustainable business you need to invest your time and effort. I am not going to point fingers at anyone here but two days ago I found 3 different Youtube channels that re-posted my videos, needless to say without my permission. Th