23 Posts In 1 Month!

Last Update: June 26, 2020

Hi All,

Just wanted to give a quick update. I have written 23 posts in 1 months time, that is a little over 5 a week! Will keep hustling, grinding, and most importantly providing VALUE for my readers and followers. To become an AUTHORITY in your niche requires MASSIVE amounts of work, and effort.

23 is a great start, but this site will have well over 1,000 in a years time and more. Traffic has not started trickling in quiet yet from the search engines, but that takes about 90 days as google is determining whether my site is worth the time or not (which it is, because its valuable content and engaging as Kyle teaches.).

Keep posting valuable content (1,500 words minimum I would say) and keep applying the training and it will all work beautifully. Only a matter of time before this puppy starts doing what it needs too.

Thanks for reading



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Karin13 Premium
Great job on the 23 posts. You are right, it won't be long if you keep up the pace!

With 2020 Vision,
Karin 😎
GarryJam Premium Plus
That's a tough act to follow, but true.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Congratulations keep up the great work
HealthyGreen Premium
Congratulations! That's one heck of an accomplishment. As slow as I type Iwould have no sleep for the month to write that many posts. Way to go
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing your progress, AJ.
Congrats on the work you have done and may you continue to have great growth here.
Putting the training into action is key to put you on the path to success.
All the best.
Darren :)