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P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } I need some help here, I wish to get some feedback on my website it is about uploading great edited videos . It is not complete yet I am still fixing the about page and privacy policy because I will have to deal in a different way than a general type of website. My questions are: What do you think? Would you use it if you have a nice edited video to upload to my website? Or do you think that I am wasting my time doing this website since nobody is interested to wat
I never got scam before, I guess there is always a first time. I was looking for a developer to fix an API code to my website and I could not find anyone close by willing to do it. I usually don't choose the first website on the first page, however, I was tired after three attempt to find someone close by. So I went back online and I did choose the first one there which is this site offers developer that bid for your project. I received 8 bids and mostly were