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Last Update: July 31, 2018

Here I am with my daily progress report, but, day late.

However, with a good excuse. It was a choice between writing and sleeping. In fact this is my choice every day, and through necessity writing usually wins.

Not last night. I just had to sleep.

So I did, and I'm glad I did.

Now that I'm not walking around in a no-sleep-zombi like state, the whole world looks like this!

I like it!

Blogs, Training, and Tips

In this blog post you will find out about:

  1. The latest blog post for my MMO site
  2. Recommendations for some great blog posts by other WA members
  3. Recommendation for a great FREE online tool

Back to work then. This is what I did today (apart from looking after my twins, taking them to park, cooking their breakfast & lunch & dinner, playing with them, looking through a Debussy soprano duet I'm learning for my next concert, housework...):

I wrote another blog post

I am writing posts for my MMO site.

Haven't launched the site yet; planning to get everything ready, and then have a couple of months of content ready to publish.

I must say, this is NOT what Kyle teaches, but for various reasons I had decided to take this approach this time. Hope it works.

It's interesting doing the research for a new blog post.

I first check out the product. If I can afford it, I buy it (and then ask for money back latter).

However, this is not an option for many products that I'd like to review, so lots and lots of reading has to be done instead.

Some money making online products are so bad, it's funny. Only it isn't really funny, because some people waste money buying these products, and expect to make money within days!

As, we all know, short of winning a lottery, there is no such thing as earning money in a matter of days, and especially without doing any work. (This is what is usually promised.)

Not sure how or why some people can believe such claims.

Isn't it more believable and realistic to, (like here at Wealthy Affiliate), one learns and works hard, and only then expects to earn money as well?

Latter on in the day, you can enjoy your passive income, that's for sure.

However at the beginning at least, some effort needs to be put in.

Back to my blog post writing... I need to find a speedier way for taking notes while doing the research for a new article. I take them manually now, and it's taking ages.

If any of you, lovely people, have good tips on how to improve on this, I'd be grateful. Thanks!

Commented on other member's blog posts

It's wonderful to read blog posts where WA members, share their knowledge!

Boomergp08 wrote a post on the new SEO guidelines and it is a must read!

A hint: Pay attention to the mobile versions of your site!

If you've missed it here's the link.


Loes shared more graphic's tricks with us.

If you've missed her blog on Hand Drawn Red Circles and Arrows, have a look here. It's hugely useful!


(Read on for another great way to annotate your screenshots.)

Jetrbby80316 wrote another fab post! Read it in case:

  1. You like rats
  2. You don't like rats

Or, just read it anyway, you won't regret it! Full of great tips, as usual.

Here's the link:


My Recommended Internet Tool for Today



I love this!

Screenr.co is an 'annotation tool for web professionals'.

Well, I think this fab tool is for everyone who uses screenshots, and needs to write or point out something on them!

Another piece of good news is that it is FREE!

You can share the link of the screenshot with the person/group you need to discuss the particular subject with. The link is generated automatically. Super easy!

However, if you'd like to share the screenshot on your web page, like me here, then you'd still need to take a PrtSc on your computer, and go about it the usual way.

I like this a lot, because it doesn't clutter the screenshot, so the information on it is easier to read/see.


To use this great tool, all you need to do is to install a Screnr Chrome Extension, sign up with your Google account and you are good to go!

Happy Screnr-ing!

Are you using screenr.co.co yourself? What is your experience of it? Thanks!

Thank you for reading this post. More to come tomorrow!

Wishing you a lovely day/evening wherever you are!



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Thanks Alenka for the post. Will definitely take a look at screenr.co.
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All good vibes:) Thank you for mentioning me:)
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You can't lose with WA Alenka!
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