Wealthy Affiliate - A Metropolis That Feels Like A Village (and that's a good thing!)

Last Update: July 25, 2018

It takes a village to raise a baby!

And, it takes a Wealthy Affiliate village to raise an affiliate marketeer!

Why does the WA Community Feel More Like a Village than a Metropolis?

Actually it is a metropolis in terms of what it offers in training and innovation.

However, that is not what I'd like to write about today.

Today, I am writing about how lovely it is to be surrounded by like-minded, supportive people from all over the world and feel like you are in a nice, cozy place together.

It's great to have the access to all of their knowledge and advice whenever you need it.

Working online can be a lonely business. You are sat at your computer hours on end, and only your pet to talk to.

This is why you need your village.

This is why you need to be here, at Wealthy Affiliate!

Here, you always have someone to turn to ask your question, dispel your dilemma, get help with an urgent situation on your site.

What are the ways I can ask for help and reach out to the community at Wealthy Affiliate?



Should you need any help with the technical side of your website, you have the Site Support available to you 24/7.

Their response is super-fast.

They are super-capable and willing to help.

I've had only one issue with my website (which turned out to be a non-issue in the end) and the Site Support were so nice and helpful with my newbie inquiry.

Great service!


Lets say you are working away on your new blog post, about to publish it but are not sure how to add pictures or a video.

This can slow you down and you will probably have to leave everything you were doing in order to look for answers on the net.

Or, you could just put a question out via Ask A Question and someone, within minutes (and sometimes even immediately) will answer your question and help you out.

It's so useful and often saves me quite a bit of time searching on the net.

Not to mention that I get sidetracked once I leave the WA platform.

Ask a Question enables you to deal with whatever inquiry you have at the moment but also continue working on your website without losing any more time.

I have two small children who constantly compete for my attention, so I am very time conscious! Anything that can save me even minutes, is my best friend!


Now, I'd like you to imagine you'd like to become an R'B singer. And someone says, you can ask advice from the QueenB herself!

WOW! Just shoot her a message and Mrs. Carter writes back with helpful advice and even invites you to ask some more questions! Cool, cool, cool!

Yeap, what Beyonce is in the music industry, our top affiliate marketeers here are in the business of affiliate marketing.

You can ask them for advice, guidance and mentorship any time at any stage of your training.

I like that. I like that a lot!


Live Chat is a great place to run your some of your ideas by the community before putting them into action.

You can also ask questions and join different ongoing discussions. Or start one yourself!

You can also answer someone's question, give someone advice or your opinion on the matter.

Anything better left unsaid?

Yes, actually, there is.

Any rude, negative or impolite comments are not welcome, for obvious reasons.

WA tries to create a safe and nonjudgmental environment for its members, so we can talk in a free, honest and kind way to each other.

Affiliate links - a big NO NO. You are here to learn about affiliate marketing and, amongst other things, how to place your affiliate links on your own website, not on Wealthy Affiliate platform.


I hope this has shown you how beneficial it is to be in the same community with other, successful and newbie affiliate marketeers.
Also, how great it is to have the opportunity to talk to them whenever you need to.

All this is included in your membership as well!

Just think how much it costs to talk to one of the successful people in your field. Here, however, you don't need to pay anything extra.

The fantastic, constantly updated training, advice, mentorship, 50 websites, supportive community - all that for less than a coffee per day!

Amazing stuff!

Hope to see you here as our member, and a soon to be a successful affiliate marketeer!

If you are a starter member or a premium member, what is your favourite way of communicating with other WA members? Thank you for your contribution! :)

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yoko1 Premium
The spirit and energy of this community is great.. I never expected this when I joined about 2 months ago.
JerryMcCoy Premium
I use comments in the community blog and on websites.