This is How You Can Pay for Your Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Last Update: October 10, 2018

If you are not sure if you'll be able to afford the Premium membership here at the Wealthy Affiliates, read on!

Here is a great way of how to pay for your wealthy affiliate membership and maybe even earn some extra.

You could maybe, spend that extra on the most fabulous keyword tool - Jaxxy :)

So what is this great way of generating money to pay for your membership?

Site Comments

The newly improved, upgraded Site Comments.

Here is my proof!

$10 in two days :) Ok, ok, I know, it's not an earth-shattering number, but little by little it all adds up.

And, the world needs us to celebrate our small victories too :) So, this is what I'm doing.

Celebrating my small, but hugely motivating victory and getting on with my work.

How Do You Earn on Site Comments?

1. You need to write 50 high quality and engaging comments, in 30 days. This will give you the Certified status, and will unlock the start of earnings.

2. Every other comment your write, you earn $0.50.

3. The other comments give you community credit for you to request comments for your site. Very important too!



Give it a try, it's great fun!

Have a great evening/day everyone!

Thanks for reading :)

Have you been using Site Comments?

Any tips on how to great and helpful comments for our WA friends' sites?

Have you stared earning yet?

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ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for the information. From little acorns, mighty oaks grow.
AlenkaV Premium
You're welcome and how right you are!
BobbyO Premium
I like that you celebrate the little wins, and while the pay is not great, we are helping each other out, which has huge rewards all onto itself, without the large monetary benefit!
AlenkaV Premium
Yes, you are right, the pay is not great. But we are all doing a good thing and a good thing is going to come bact to us too :)
Fchambers Premium
Thanks I may give this a try sounds like a good idea
AlenkaV Premium
Yes, it is a good idea. A few minutes each day and it all adds up.
JonLake Premium
Wow! All of a sudden it doesn’t sound so good! 119 comments at an average of I am guessing about 4 minutes per comment (time to read, digest and formulate a decent comment) equals 476 minutes. So nearly 8 hours of work for $10 ??!!

Must admit I was not aware it was 50 Before you started earning and also didn’t know you only got paid for every other one.

Bit of a shock!
Bald Eagle Premium
I never worked it out in minutes like this and my numbers would have been worse since I don't think I have managed anything less than 10 minutes for each comprehensive comment after reading the page, formulating and then posting the comment.
Yes it seems like a lot of time for a relatively small reward but ...

1. It is something to do in any down time you have and that helps other WA members.
2. The money is coming out of Kyle and Carson's pockets as an incentive for us.

I guess it is up to individuals to decide if it is worth it for them.

All good to know though and its also a good resource to view other sites for layout ideas.

Onwards and upwards
sdawson Premium
I take too long in preparing my comments to do this, it would take up way too much of my time to try to do that many comments. So I'm submitting a comment once a day just to earn enough to request comments on my own posts some. Mostly I use the give and take thread for that though. Without the fear of rejection and disapproval, I enjoy that more. - shirley

When I want to earn little bits of money I go to swagbucks and do their tasks and surveys. I can earn two $5 amazon gift cards in that same 8 hours work of work.
EricaCrystal Premium
How I worked it out was:

If I could do 1hr a day for a month and do 1 comment every 10 minutes, so 6 comments an hour.

Over 30 days that's 180 comments - minus the initial 50 - so 130 comments per month, at 0.50c is an extra $65 in the pocket for the month.

it doesn't look good when you break it down by hour though - 6 comments/hr equals $3/hr.

If you could double your output rate - that would be good - or double your number of hours. 2 hours per day would give you $130 per month - enough to cover WA and Jaaxy :)

Even if you only get the $ every other comment as suggested below, I think you could transfer the credit for cash as Danny suggested...... Actually, this may be incorrect. Looks like you can only exchange credits from training and domain purchases. If this is the case, it makes my numbers above reduce by 50% :(
zulqar Premium
Nice breakdown!
AlenkaV Premium
First 50 is your certification.

You get community credits that are to be used for comments on your site. There is a great value in that.

The cash pay is an incentive, not a means to earn the living. At least, that is how I see it.
JonLake Premium
But apparently it is every other comment that you get paid for so if you do 180 comments you get paid for 180 minus 50 divided by 2 x 0.50 which equals $32.50. So if you have put in 30 hours during the month is just over $1 per hour!!!
AlenkaV Premium
I don't look at it that way.

To look at it only from a financial point of view is to, first of all miss the point of site comments - WA doesn't want to have 'professional commentators, we are here to develop our own businesses.

Also, it is to forget that you are getting community points too for which you can request comments and aid your SEO, traffic, and hopefully referrals/sales.
JonLake Premium
It wasn’t about the money in so much, it was more about what I could do with that time every day to move my business forward in a more constructive way.
AlenkaV Premium
Indeed. I can see that side of view and appreciate it.
JonLake Premium
All the best to you too Alenka
Bald Eagle Premium
Hello Alenka,
Wow you are churning out those comments. 119 already.

I have a few questions on this.
1. Is it 50 comments in 30 days? (I thought you had to do a certain amount in 24 hours and was struggling to find enough requests to comment on as they seem to come and go so fast)
2. Does the counter go back to zero every 30 days and start over?

Example to earn say $100.00.

First 50 comments - meets "certification" status.
Each subsequent comment gets $0.50 so additional 200 needed to get to $100.00?

That's how I understand it from your post - is that right?

Keep up the good work.
AlenkaV Premium
Yeah, it's not so difficult to write a good number of comments once you get into it. Also, I type very fast so that helps :)

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, it's 50 comments in 30 days

2. Yes, I think the counter goes back every 30 days. However, I might be wrong on this, since Carson has not stated this clearly in his blog.

3. You earn for every other comment you make.
50 to get certified (30 days)
After that, every other comment makes you $0.50. So you make one for the community credit, and one for $0.50, and so on...

Hope this is a bit clearer for you.
But as I said, we are all waiting to hear from Carson to clarify all the fine details.

Bald Eagle Premium
Oh that sounds different again.

Are you saying that half of it must be used as a community credit and cannot be taken in cash? Which effectively means $0.25 if it is the money you are after to pay the subs (as you suggested in your original post).

I wish I could type fast - well I can but it is the 98% errors that need fixing that take so much time. :)
DannyB1 Premium
so if I have understood this at all... one credit for the comment and one for the credit.. i also understand that you can turn in credits for cash so in the long run you can get paid for both.. right
AlenkaV Premium
50 comments - Get your certification.
51st comment - Community credit
52nd comment - $0.50
53rd comment - Community credit
54th comment - $0.50......