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Last night, I finally took the plunge and went for the first step on my Pinterest journey! So far, two followers - nothing to brag about, but at least, it's more than zero!I find Pinterest, so so so very complicated and illogical. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. However, since it can help my blog (hopefully!), there is nothing but to get on with it and try to master it. On the other hand, here at Wealthy Affiliates, everything is getting simpler, sleeker and even more user-friendl
April 02, 2018
Hello everyone, just a quick note, to share my delight - my first earnings from Amazon have arrived! The amount of $0,40 is not a lot, I know, but, I'm sure you'd agree, that is even not the point right now. The point is that a month ago I set out on a WA journey of building my website and dipping my toes into waters I've never tried. And, two months ago I didn't even know affiliate marketing existed! So, here's to trying new things and enjoying the labors of one's curiosity and hard work!
-Hi everyone!Just wanted to share my delight with you - I have completed my Course 3 Cerification level, getting on with the Course 4 as of this morning (or as soon as my twins decide it would be nice for mama to have even ten minutes of uninterrupted time!).Having my website (almost) finished, 9 posts published, quite a few comments and clicks to Amazon (sadly no sales as yet...) I am really pleased and feel like I have accomplished a lot of my goals for this month. Thank you WA for the amazi
While researching on the net and learning different things about affiliate marketing I ended up with such a serious case of information overload. For a few weeks, I even gave up altogether.When I resumed my internet activity, and as I sifted through yet more information and watched yet more YouTube videos, the sense of helplessness came over me. I learned so so much but had no idea how to actually put it to work or in what order.WHAT COMES FIRST?This actually bothered me a lot. I love to study