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I read Kyle's blog post yesterday on striving for perfection.What perfect timing! ;)For a few weeks now, I've been thinking it was the time to do my first tutorial here.Had no idea how to do it, and was waiting for the perfect time & the perfect subject.Well, I waited and waited, nothing perfect came along so, decided to take the plunge yesterday and write it anyway.TAKE 1The subject matter of my tutorial is so simple; also the tutorial itself is quite short.I thought it would take me an ho
Hello WA friends!Just a quick post to share my delight in reaching my higher rankings as of yesterday. It seems I was stuck at around no 6000 for aaages. you'd like to annotate your screenshots like this, check out this post, it has all the details!, a few blog posts, many comments, and answered questions to other WA members later, my ranking have improved. Literally ove
Here I am with my daily progress report, but, day late. However, with a good excuse. It was a choice between writing and sleeping. In fact this is my choice every day, and through necessity writing usually wins. Not last night. I just had to sleep. So I did, and I'm glad I did. Now that I'm not walking around in a no-sleep-zombi like state, the whole world looks like this!I like it!Blogs, Training, and TipsIn this blog post you will find out about:The latest blog post for my MMO siteRecommendat
Encouraged by many of you lovely WA friends, I take heed of your advice, and today start recording my WA blogging journey.This series of blogs will be about my daily progress in writing out the content for my Bootcamp site, and I'll be sharing useful info and tools.Thanks for the idea, since I've constantly felt stuck at what to write. Comparing myself to the fabulously successful WA members didn't help. So, I've decided to quit comparing myself to anyone, and just go for it!As my very first si
It takes a village to raise a baby! And, it takes a Wealthy Affiliate village to raise an affiliate marketeer!Why does the WA Community Feel More Like a Village than a Metropolis?Actually it is a metropolis in terms of what it offers in training and innovation.However, that is not what I'd like to write about today. Today, I am writing about how lovely it is to be surrounded by like-minded, supportive people from all over the world and feel like you are in a nice, cozy place together. It's grea
I am glad you've found this blog, and thanks for stopping by! You might be wandering if signing up to Wealthy Affiliate is a good decision? This is an easy question to answer: Yes, it is a great decision!The only thing you need is your email. That. Is. It. Who is this post for?If you are reading this and thinking if you should create your FREE starter account, this post is for you.If you are reading this and thinking if you should create your profile for your FREE starter account, this post is
The real title of this blog post actually goes like this: Is Wealthy Affiliate Making You Rich Yet? and Other Fun Questions I Get Daily From My (Impatient) Friends and Family. When I started the training here I gave myself at least a year to 18 months to build the solid foundations for my business. Guess what? Seems like someone else has been doing a spot of planning for my business as well. My friends and family! Honestly, I wish I had never told anyone in the vicinity I was venturing into the
Just read somewhere that we should be creating or at least planning for the content on our websites for...wait for it - CHRISTMAS! I was a bit shocked (think might have been just seeing the word Christmas in May), but after I thought about it, it makes perfect sense. I am so new at all this, and most of the time feel like I'm chasing my own tail; this article, however, made it very clear what we're learning from the training here is so relevant and spot on, to say the least! It just helps to he
Hello Wealthy Affiliates!So, here I am, working hard at my blog. No earnings to speak of as yet, but that is ok. I am patient and understand these things can take time.However, another thing weighs on my mind. I've discovered what I like and what I don't like when it comes to blogging. My website is about twins (mommy blog) but as much as I love being a mom, I know now I don't actually enjoy writing about it! After only three months of blogging and having never done this before, I think this di
May 18, 2018
We all know how important building our email list is. And even though I know how important it is, I've been failing miserably to move past the magic number of 4 (four!) subscribers! My website is not yet getting a huge amount of traffic, but still I was expecting more (don't we all...). In any case, I wanted to ask for some help here - how can I have different opt in forms for different pages on my site? One, generic one is obviously not doing the trick... Thank you so much!Alenka