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Dear WA FriendsI'm very happy today - I made it to the top 200!I've been a Premium Member for the past seven months, and it's been great. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would learn so much! Nor did I think I would ever find another career that is as interesting, challenging, creative and satisfying as opera singing, which is my first love. I genuinely look forward to every little task for/on my website; excited to share ideas here; delighted I can ask questions and guidance from the mor
If you are not sure if you'll be able to afford the Premium membership here at the Wealthy Affiliates, read on! Here is a great way of how to pay for your wealthy affiliate membership and maybe even earn some extra.You could maybe, spend that extra on the most fabulous keyword tool - Jaxxy :)So what is this great way of generating money to pay for your membership? Site Comments The newly improved, upgraded Site Comments. Here is my proof! $10 in two days :) Ok, ok, I know, it's not an earth-sha
October 08, 2018
"Google said on Monday that it would shut down Google Plus, the company’s long-struggling answer to Facebook’s giant social network, after it discovered a security vulnerability that exposed the private data of up to 500,000 users." The New York TimesGoogle+ is no more. Well, almost. We have to wait until next year, but the announcement has been made.I will not cry over this. Never liked Google+. It was laborious to use and I saw no benefit from using it anyway. So for my second sit
October 08, 2018
Hello dear WA friendsThis is just a short blog, to share with you my blog's first being featured at HOT TOPICS! And then being in the TOP TEN WA articles in the dashboard.Thank you to all who has read my blog and left a comment. It's much appreciated! Thank you for stopping by.Have a lovely day everyone! :)
October 07, 2018
I did say I like the new Site Comments!I like it so much that I spent quite a bit of time offering and writing comments yesterday and today. Now I've got my Certification, I am rather pleased and maybe can even earn a dollar or two doing what I'd be doing anyway. Have you been requesting comments for your site? How do you like the new Site Comments platform?Have a great start to the week!Alenka
October 07, 2018
I'm loving the new, updated Site Comments. In the past couple of days I've written 34 comments and generally I've enjoyed the whole process. However, here are a few suggestions for when requesting comments:1. Make sure your article you are requesting the comment for is longer that the actual comment you are going to receive. I've seen some disappointing examples of blog posts that are: not even 300 words long(!)Have nothing to say about the subject and replace the content with uninteresting pic
August 23, 2018
Dear WA FriendsI'm in need of WA testimonials for my new Bootcamp site. Anyone in the mood for sharing? :)If at all possible you could say something about the moment you decided to join - my site will talk a lot about taking action, so sharing your 'taking action' moments could be great. Thanks!I'd be very grateful if you could help me out :), please. Thank you! Hope you are all having a lovely evening/day!Best,Alenka
Hello, my WA friends!I've been WA-Blog-Quiet for a while, but not without a good reason.My time has been consumed with learning how to use Divi, Divi Builder and creating my new website.My, Oh, MY!IN JUST A FEW CLICKS... YEAH, RIGHT!Aren't the website builder people clever in showing you how's everything in connection with their product is super easy to do??!I thought I'd be creating custom-made websites (for living no less!) after 24 hours of purchasing. No, seriously, I thought, blondie that
August 08, 2018
Hello everyone :)In case you are thinking of purchasing a Divi Theme - they are running a sale (20% discount) for the next 7 days. I am not affiliated to this product!That's all from me for now.The sun is shinning and the twins demand we go out, so, off we go!Alenka
Hello WA friends!Hope you are all doing well. Wanted to share with you a few things here today:A Very Short Progress UpdateRecommended Posts for TodayNew Training! VERY SHORT PROGRESS UPDATEMy plan, as announced some days ago was to write a new blog post every day. Alas, that is proving more than challenging (read: impossible) task. It's to do with my responsibilities at home, so I won't bore you with that. In any case, I am working hard and creating the content for my new site. Also, planning