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Hello WA FriendsThis will be just a short(ish) post, to document the Google rankings of my site articles.My site is 5months old, and I can see my posts ranking now on the1st page and one (and occasionally a couple) even in position #1.I'm really pleased about this, since this is all just the SEO magic (Thank you: Kyle, Jay).I haven't seem much success from Pinterest as yet, but that's fine because I've just started it. Here are some screenshots: (and more text after the screenshots) :) :)A dail
January 01, 2019
Hello dear WA Friends and a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!!As promised, here is my monthly update on the month of December.Be warned, I have managed to fail every single of my goals this month, so it's not going to be the most upbeat post.What Happened?Some of you may know, I am an opera singer. In the last couple of years I haven't been singing as much as I would have liked, for various reasons. Having devoted twenty-five years of my life almost exclusively to singing, to say I mi
Hello WA FriendsAs you have (maybe) found out in my last post, I upgraded to the Yearly Membership during the BF sale.In fact, what happened is that I reached out to my best friend and her husband and presented a scenario: We give each other Christmas presents every year, and that is all lovely etc... However, those presents often cost quite a bit of money and I'm not sure if they are always of the best use for the person who gets it (I was being veeery honest here!).What if I were to say what
Yes, it is!Of course, it is!Absolutely!Could I make it more obvious how much I appreciate Wealthy Affiliate?Or, how happy I am that I had a good fortune and could take the Black Friday offer and become a yearly Premium member of this truly amazing community. Actually, I was given it as an early Christmas present by my best friend!My early Christmas present to her was a 2% of my business' profits for life. :)So far, I've got a better deal, but hopefully, very soon, things will change and she wou
Hello WA Friends!Just a quick one today:One of my posts now ranks on Google Page 1, Position #1!I am a happy girl today! This is a big day for me and I'd like to celebrate it with you :)Google does work in mysterious ways - I have no idea why this particular post ranks better than all the others. The competition is pretty much the same for most of my posts.This is the one that I marked earlier in the week that needs rewriting and adding to in terms of content and video etc. And that one exactly
What do Black Friday and Wealthy Affiliate have in common?I think this falls into an easy question category. Here is my answer and I hope you'll agree:Both signify getting a GREAT DEAL!We've all been postponing our shopping waiting for the Black Friday sale. And for a good reason too. Why pay a full price when you can get the same thing much cheaper?!Before I go on to say a few words about WA Black Friday discounts and bonuses, I'd like to make it clear that I consider even the full membership
Hello dear WA friendsI am writing these blogs so I can document my online journey (to success!) with my second site. Mind you, I already feel successful just by doing what I'm doing here. The financial success will be soon to follow, I have no doubt of that. In fact, I had my first two referrals yesterday and today. They are yet to upgrade to Premium, but, I'm super happy and treating this as an encouraging sign. As of now I have 37 published posts (it will be 38 in an hour or so). My plan to h
Hello WA FriendsThis post could be just a post to myself hehehe because, I'm just going to list the stuff I managed to do for my site this month (October) and my new goals for November!But, maybe you find some inspiration or have advice for me how to do better, as well :)I planned to publish 30 posts this month - managed to publish 29. One short. I'll write two on Sunday, so will make up the number, but this is how it is at the moment.Around 22 of those posts are indexed. Need to fetch the Fetc
Hello dear WA friends!I got this email today:I created this training back in August.It had some engagement, but I didn't think I'd get any money for it!Thank you WA :) Here is the link to the training, if you'd like to check it out: someone would care to explain to me how the payment system for this works, I'd be grateful.Thank you for stopping by!Have a great day/night :)Alenka
Hello dear WA friends!I joined WA around seven months ago, without any (really, truly a.n.y.) knowledge of affiliate/internet marketing. After the Certification course, my first website turned out to be in the niche that wasn't for me.It's a mom blog. And, as much as I love being a mom to my children, writing about it was a chore.I wrote only around 20 posts for that site, but if I'm being honest, they are not that good. I can see that now. So, don't think any of them ever ranked on Google Page