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Dear WA FriendsJust a short one today.Thanks to the lovely TDomena who has inspired me to join her in a challenge to start posting YT videos every day, I'm doing just that. Eight so far....What I really wanted to ask and let you know about is the following:I am going to create a FB syndication group so we can help each other in boosting the YT rankings by way of leaving comments, watching the videos, giving likes etc. If you'd like to be included in the group, please let me know and I'll send y
Starting your online business is an exhilarating moment.If you've tried it before and it didn't feel that way - the reason could be you were not at the right place (and maybe it wasn't the right time either).Now, if you are here, I can honestly say to you: " You ARE at the right place and the time is NOW!"Why You Should Invest In Yourself and Your Business :)I've read some comments here at WA (and other places):People complain when they have to pay to get training. They complain that is not all
One WEEK - FULL Access to Wealthy Affiliate Platform!Wealthy Affiliate is THE BEST place for learning about Affiliate Marketing and building your online business.What you get for your money is simply astonishing; but in this article I shall concentrate on mainly what you can get for FREE. Generosity, together with up to date and step by step training, 24/7 support, awesome community, fantastic hosting and many other things, is what separates WA from the rest.Below is the list you get with your
Hello dear WA Friends!Yesterday was one year exactly since I joined Wealthy Affiliate.It was a love at first sight (lol no pun intended!).It took me about a day to decide that this is the real deal. And, here I am, a year later, to tell you I was right!Why Did I Start Affiliate Marketing in the First Place?As some of you may know, I am an opera singer and a singing teacher by profession.I studied at one of the most prestigious music academies in the world - Guildhall School of Music and Drama a
Hello Dear WA FriendsHope you are all doing well and enjoying your weekend.I am super happy today and I wish to share my happiness with you. The saying "Earn While You Sleep", I read so many times doesn't seem so unbelievable anymore.In fact, since 4am this morning, it's a reality!I had my first Premium Sign-Up! To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Call me emotional - I even cried a bit!This was from the sheer excitement at seeing that my hard work and the amazing training here
Hello WA FriendsI've just started promoting my site on Instagram.Thought, we could all do with more followers and likes...If you have an Instagram account and would like to promote it here and like and follow in return, please leave your link in the comment section. Thank you :)Also, if you have any INSTAGRAM TIPS on how to best promote our businesses, please leave a comment as well. Thank you so much :) Let's help each other on our way to success! :) UPDATE: Here is the WA link you can use to
Hello dear WA FriendsOne of my goals for this year is to do the WA's Super Affiliate Challenge.I messaged Kyle to ask when it will be starting this year, and the answer is - early March! So, if you are looking to start the SAC this year, we all have a month to prepare. I shall be completing the Bootcamp Training, and really looking forward to working towards Vegas 2020!Are You Going to Do the SAC? Hope you've found this info useful!Have a great day :)Alenka
Hello dear WA FriendsJust a short blog today to share my #littlewinn:My tutorial on how to Learn To Do SEO is #2 in the list of Today's Training!A short while ago I was a complete newbie.By following the training at Wealthy Affiliate I've learned so much.Now I'm even able to put that knowledge to use, not only into my own business, but also to share it with others.This makes me really happy.If you are just starting out, my advice (should you seek it) would be to take advantage of this amazing p
Hello WA FriendsHope you are all doing well, and working tirelessly on making your website a success.When I started here nine months ago, I used to read other member's posts about how to rank your freshly published post and think this could never be me.Without any previous experience in SEO, I thought it would take years for me to learn how to make Google notice my posts and rank them high.So, if you have just started out and are having similar thoughts, let me put your concerns at rest.How? By
January 25, 2019
Hello dear WA FriendsSo, as soon as I wrote, in my last blog, that my articles on my website are converting really well - guess what? They are not converting really well.Correction.Not converting at all.What is going on?Admitting I only get about 20-40 visitors per day (mostly organic traffic), but still.The first 15 referrals (none has upgraded to Premium as yet) came from much less traffic.And, in the last two weeks - nothing.I have about 60 articles on my site (I'm behind my schedule...), te