Plan in advance and your blog will thank you!

Last Update: May 24, 2018

Just read somewhere that we should be creating or at least planning for the content on our websites for...wait for it - CHRISTMAS! I was a bit shocked (think might have been just seeing the word Christmas in May), but after I thought about it, it makes perfect sense.

I am so new at all this, and most of the time feel like I'm chasing my own tail; this article, however, made it very clear what we're learning from the training here is so relevant and spot on, to say the least!

It just helps to hear it again from another source (human nature, I guess).

So, as soon as I figure out what blog planet am I really on, I shall be starting with preparing my Christmas decorations! (read: posts)

What are your blog Halloween and Christmas preparations?

Are you planning for it at all?

If you shared your tips on this, that would be super helpful of course, not to mention in true Christmas spirit!



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ChristinaAsh Premium
Hmm you got me thinking ... I need to do some preplanning myself
Steven-A Premium
you are right have to think ahead