Is Wealthy Affiliate Making You Rich Yet?

Last Update: September 03, 2018

The real title of this blog post actually goes like this:

Is Wealthy Affiliate Making You Rich Yet? and Other Fun Questions I Get Daily From My (Impatient) Friends and Family.

When I started the training here I gave myself at least a year to 18 months to build the solid foundations for my business.

Guess what? Seems like someone else has been doing a spot of planning for my business as well. My friends and family!

Honestly, I wish I had never told anyone in the vicinity I was venturing into the making money online world.

I know they all mean well and are generally very supportive.

But, I can just see the disappointment in their eyes when I say I am not ordering the Aston Martin just as yet!


I started out here at the WA four and a half months ago.

In that time the following happened:

  1. Completed the Certification Training
  2. Created one niche website
  3. Pinterest account reaching 85.000 unique views and the traffic to the website slowly getting better
  4. Half way through the Bootcamp Training
  5. Twenty posts (over 1.500w) written and waiting to be published on the Bootcamp Site (as soon as I get over the "which WP theme should I choose" wasting time moment)
  6. Couple of sales from the niche site

I try to learn something new regarding the affiliate business every day.

There is a lot to learn and that is half the fun. Other days it can feel overwhelming and like I will never, ever, neverever get the hang of this and actually start making some serious money with it.

(All in all, I think, not too bad for the achievements considering I look after my toddler twins full time all by myself. Also, I give singing lessons and have continued to sing in concerts too. All that requires time and preparation. Needles to say, my days are loooooong! ;) )

So, for the money part:

Will it ever happen?

Of course, it will.

But maybe not as fast as we would like. Because, I'd like it to happen NOW.

However, the training takes time.

What you learn needs implementing and that takes time.

Something else takes time too.

What is that, you may ask?

Doing nothing, complaining, giving up, being impatient and all the other not focused-on-your goals activities (OK, I watched a bit of TV yesterday, but that's fine from time to time, no?).

How to deal with this curious occurrence?

I just imagine that the well-meaning people who are concerned what on earth am I doing for hours on the computer are where I, myself was only five months ago.

Five months ago I had NO idea what affiliate marketing was.

In fact, I had started with a bit of dropshipping and had to look up the phrase affiliate marketing in the Wikipedia when it kept popping up on the screen (and how grateful I am that it has!).

So, if someone has no idea what the affiliate marketing and running an online business is, how can you expect them to understand it. This is why I don't take their comments to heart.

In fact, their comments encourage me to go on and show how it is possible to 'make it' in the affiliate world.

Also, maybe inspire some of them to join me here and make their own dreams come true! I can tell the interest is there but the next step often requires a bit of blind fate too.

Not that there isn't enough of evidence that the training here works and the affiliate marketing is an excellent way of working from home and achieving your financial goals. The blind fate is the fate in ourselves and our own abilities - often the hardest thing to believe in!

How are your family and friends supporting you?

Wishing you a productive and a happy day!


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MKearns Premium
QAre they saying its a scam Alenka!
AlenkaV Premium
No, they are not saying it's a scam, just that they don't understand how the affiliate marketing works in the first place. Nobody's fault really; maybe I would have reacted the same only some six months ago!
RDulloo Premium
Awesome post! This is a great reminder to all of us here that it takes time to build any kind of business, be it online or offline. Like you mentioned, there is a learning curve, just like there would be a learning curve to run your own business in the offline world.

My husband is hot and cold about it. He is a painter, and therefore does not really understand the making money from home part... lol... But he does mostly believe in what I'm doing here at WA.

My parents are hot and cold too, but mostly supportive. I'm so grateful to have family members that are supportive of my ambitions and goals.

What we all need to understand, is that the way people made money 200 years ago, was not the same as the way people made money 50 years ago. And the way to make money now, is not the same as 50 years ago. Our world is constantly shifting and we KNOW what happens to those who are not able to adapt to the new world; they get left behind!

We have to be flexible and move with the shift!
AlenkaV Premium
Thanks so much for your insightful comment! I couldn't agree more with the fact that the times are changing and changing fast. So, we better move on or stay left behind wondering what happened!

Very glad you have a good support system around you, but I do understand about the hot/cold attitude! Mine are the same. They'd love to see me succeed but it feels that it's taking a long time. Five months cannot be a long time for any business that I know of!

In any case, there is nothing to do but to go on working hard, and the results are sure to follow!

Wishing you best with your site,
RDulloo Premium

They want us to succeed but there is a lot of misconception online that people can make money in the blink of an eye; sometimes, even though our close relatives dont tell us, they probably DO believe that there is a push button software somewhere that is going to make us money fast.

But you and I know better, because we are actually DOING the work online.

I totally agree, that 5 months is not a long time at all, online or offline. I have been here for over 7 months now, still have not made any money (because I am in the MMO niche and I know it is fairly competitive) but the path of success has been walked here at WA and so I KNOW that my time will come too.

Wish you all the best with your website as well and don't give up! No matter what others may say... :)

Memorylaneuk Premium
What a great and honest post. Sometimes it is better not to mention it to loved ones and family as they can, without knowing it, put the pressure on.
11 months in, starting from zero like you , I am comfortable but no where near rich.
However I know I am on the right track, thanks to WA and the community.
I learn something new every day and just love that.
Will I ever master affiliate marketing ? Who knows I am enjoying the ride.
With Grace and a Gratitude
AlenkaV Premium
Dear Karen

How right you are! Enjoying the journey surely has to count for something, right?

I love learning the new skills, and I invest my time and energy into it every day.

So, the financial results are going to be visible soon. Now, what is soon for one person, might not be the same 'soon' for another.

But if one gives up too soon, all the time and effort up to now would have been wasted and the opportunity for some life-changing moments missed.

I am going to persevere and make everyone happy in the end hehehhe (and buy them an Aston Martin each!)'s ok to dream isn't it?

Memorylaneuk Premium
Perfectly acceptable to dream and I hope you realise your goals
AlexMi Premium
My wife and daughter are very supportive,
Good thing is that I have day job because after 6 months I am still far away from breaking even and I don't spend much on this"hobby". However, I have feeling that money can be made with affiliate marketing but still didn't figure out how.
AlenkaV Premium
Hi Alex
Wonderful to hear your family is supportive of your online endeavors!
Yes, it can seem really puzzling how and when one starts making money online, but I really believe it's possible. However, like with all good things, this too takes time.
Patience and hard work are the key to success!
GaryK2 Premium
My wife is very supportive and she understands it takes time. Sometimes she is more patient than I am. I can learn alot from her.
AlenkaV Premium
Hi Garry
That is lovely to hear! Credit to your wife and wishing you success and fun on your WA journey.