What To Do If Your PIN Goes Viral

Last Update: March 03, 2019

* Many bloggers use Pinterest to get traffic to their websites, you need to know what to do if your PIN goes viral *


I have been slow to write a new blog here at Wealthy Affiliate, but I've been busy creating content for my website.

I want to share with you my February results.

As you might know by now, I'm a quilter and I'm focused on building my niche site on quilts.

I'm happy to share today, I only created 4 posts last month, but it's working great. Less blog posts to share but with good quality and always thinking on my client.

Before I create a new post I always ask myself, - What my client would love to learn today?

This way I can make something they will love and they will visit my website to know more about it and to get the FREE pattern and follow me on Social Media. (This is the strategy that has been working for my website)

Last week, I created a new blog post, it takes from one day to three days for me to get the new post published on my website, with a video on YouTube and the "free pattern"

PLUS - a PIn to share on Pinterest.

Once I get everything ready, oh I must say I always use the Content platform here on Wealthy Affiliate to create the new blog post for my website, and I don't publish it until I check everything on it twice.

A new post should have:

  • A catchy title
  • A full tutorial
  • External link
  • At least one internal link
  • A PDF for my client (free pattern)
  • A few photos, high quality for the right size to share on internet.
  • CTA to visit a page with affiliate links

So, all these above can take me from one day to three days to work on, that is why my website can have low number of post, but I think it's working good.

After I work on all that ... I press the PUBLISH button ====> then I go to my website and I get the blog post ready, so it can work by itself.

By this I mean:

  • Get everything good for SEO
  • Check on the categories for the post
  • Get a feature photo
  • Check on the metadata for the blog post
  • Get everything OK for the post when it's shared on Social Media.

After all this work, then I spend a few more minutes to share this post on my Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

At this moment, I'm happy as I did everything for this post, I only need to wait a few days and see the good results!

This last post worked very good on YouTube

On the first day this video reached 200 views, for a young YouTube channel - I'm happy with this result.

Today, after its first week this video is reaching its first 500 view!!

This video got me a few new followers, some days I get the message there were from 4 to 10 new followers.

Today my YouTube channel is reaching the amazing number of followers of 942 !!!

I can remember when I told my husband a few months ago that my channel got its first 300 followers and I was so happy with that number!


I'm trying a new strategy on Facebook and it seems to start working good, I got 10 new followers for my fans page last week, and that is an amazing number!!

If you want to know what is this new strategy on Facebook, ask me on a comment. (I want to see if you have read every line I write on this post, and this strategy might help you to get more traffic to your website too)


I need to be honest here,

I have been not good at working with Pinterest for the last months,

The reason is that I've been so busy creating the videos to share on YouTube.

But as an experiment it works very good, today I got an email every bloggers dreams to get


- Yes, yes, yes! - so let me check which PIN is it? (you can hear me thinking)

I open the email, and there you are!

The last blog post pin, an easy and small project to make with a quilting tutorial.

Next step is to open this mail and get more info about it...

2.2K views - 2 saves and 4 clicks.

Not bad for just one week!

I think this PIN will keep working good in time.

So now, a few tips on what to do if your pin goes viral:

This is a new post on my website, and I did everything for it, and it looks like it's working good.

But sometimes as you keep creating content for your webiste, someone will notice a pin from your Pinterest account and that person will pin it and if that person gets lots of visitors on their Pinterest account, your PIn will go viral

It will go from one Pinterest account to many.

And many bloggers might add your post on a blog post on their websites like:

  • 50 bloggers to follow on 2019 to do ....
  • Best tips to do this .... on 2019
  • Best hacks to do this better
  • Etc, etc.

And the magic will happen, your website will get tons of visits that day.

If your post is an old one, you might want to take a look at it and check if it has:,

  • A rich PIN to share on Pinterest
  • An internal link to an important page for your online business
  • Is the title catchy?
  • Is it accurate - if it doesn't, you can check your post and make the right changes on it
  • Does this post have everything right on it today - as you have been working here at Wealthy Affiliate, you learn everyday new things to help your website to grow, old post might need a little more work on them to do better.
  • Does this post have Social Media buttons, so your reader can save it? If not, you can add some. Don't miss the chance to help this blog post to perform good ====> great!
  • Add some internal links to recent post on your website.
  • Add a subscription box to get your new readers e-mail on your list.

And also this is important!

  • Read again this post!
  • Check what keyword is relevant for the new readers.
  • Can you create new content for your readers with these keywords

Don't miss this Wow moment!

Your readers are telling you what they are interested on!


You have everything you need to build a good online business to work from home.

Don't quit if you don't have the results you want to have yet.

If you need to do again the Wealthy Affiliate, start again today (I did it twice, and I'm still going back to some topics anytime I need to know more about it.)

You have here the best mentors to help your online business to grow.

I close today February happy with the results.

From here, I'm stepping on a new plan - strategy.

It's time to start thinking and working on this stage for my business.

As I work on it, I'll be sharing the steps I'll be working on, in case you want to do it for your business too.

I go-slow, but I'm happy with the results.

I can see today how my business is going from an endless unsuccessful blog to wow it's working!!

It takes time and it takes work.

Not all online business are the same, and you'll need to work on your online business to know what will work on it.

You might go faster than me, and you might get better results than me.

It's OK, at the end, we all do good. (great!)

We all are in the best platform and in the best place to learn and create our online business!

Let's keep working on it.

You can read Nathaniel post
Pinterest Could Double Your Income In One Day

Have a great day and keep at it!

Now =====> hit that LIKE button and write a comment and share this blog!


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CandP Premium
Thanks, Alejandra!
We are so new to Pinterest and just figuring it out.
We appreciate your sharing this information and we are saving it.
Congratulations on going Viral!
C & P
SondraM Premium
Congratulations Alejandra!

You have shared a LOT of great information here. I've book marked the post so that I can come back to it multiple times.

I love the pillow pattern. I can understand why your PIN went viral. Well deserved!

You have worked very hard for your success. Thank you for sharing with us.
Stella2 Premium
Congrats on your success, Alejandra!

This is an awesome post that shows you are working smarter. That's inspiring and educational.

Thanks so much for sharing your approach. I'm using Pinterest now so all of the extra info from others is helpful.

All the best,
Stella :-)
TBallister Premium
Nice post! And congrats on your results. I like the tips on how to update old posts and the importance of listening to what your readers want!
PamC39 Premium
Thank you so much for sharing your tips about Pinterest. I appreciate it. I hope you have a great day


AlejandraB Premium
Thank you Pam,
I'm glad you find this blog helpful, have a great day you too.