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Last Update: March 09, 2019

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Hello everyone!

Nothing better to keep you working on your personal business project than check how your business is doing one day and get a nice surprise on Google Analytics.

I stop checking how my sites are doing every day, I just check once every week and sometimes I even forget to take a look at it.

But yesterday I did it... Oh my! the day before my Quilt's website in Spanish got a good number of visits!!

I must say here, as my niche is on Quilts making, I have a website in Spanish my mother tongue and I have another website in English, the same content, the same projects but I write the content in English and in Spanish.

The reason is simple, when I came here to Wealthy Affiliate, I got to know that writing a website in two languages could be taken for Google as duplicate content, so I started the website in Spanish and I have to work double when I make a new blog post.

This is a blog to share with you my joy to see Wealthy Affiliate training works 100 %

If you're new to Wealthy Affiliate to start a website to make money the next week, then I'm sorry to say, Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

It takes lots of work and time to see some good results.

A short story about this website might help you to keep working on your website.

I started this website maybe 3 or 4 years ago, in one moment I got tired of working on it, I thought their will be no hope for this website as a business.

As I kept working on the training, I got to understand why this website had so little success.

  • Poor quality content
  • I was talking to everyone in my niche.
  • I was writing about this and that with no strategy at all
  • I didn't know who my client was
  • I was wishing for some kind of magic to happen
  • No good work on keywords.
  • No metadata.
  • I was sharing content about what I liked to work on, and poor thinking about what my followers wanted to read on my website.

This "mistakes" list could go on and on.

At that moment, I decided to stop blaming everything but me for the poor success of this website.

The mistake should be me and not the internet, my followers and all the reasons I wanted to blame on.

The good point at this time was to start the Wealthy Affiliate for the second time from the beginning and check every step on this website.

  • Don't touch the old content and do not delete it.
  • Create new content following every step on the training.

This moment was one year ago more or less.

At this moment this website has over 100 posts.

What I focused when I created the new posts to share on this blog.

  • Learn more about WHO is my client and WHAT are they looking for on my niche
  • Think about some projects to share with them on my website
  • Take all the time to find the right keywords
  • Check on what my competition is sharing and try my best to go one more step than them.
  • Write longer posts.
  • Create more than one way to share my website content.
  • Focus on my own work
  • Listen and help my client.

One year later.

I'm starting to get NICE results from this website.

I've shared a few "happy moments" from this website here at Wealthy Affiliate, if you want to check on my old blogs, you can read about how my YouTube channel is doing.

So here are the good news about this website this week.

- YouTube channel is about to reach its first 1000 followers, it might happen this weekend or this week! :)

- Google Analytics - it shows one blog post is almost reaching 100 views in the last three days!

When I went to check what blog post was, I got the nice surprise it wasn't the "star" of this blog, it was a different blog post :)

I have to check when and what I did write about that people are interested on...

It was a blog post I created 8 months ago. And this important to take a look at it, some of the content you're writing today, it might hit many visits for your website today and this week, and you'll be happy about it.

But it might take some time for someone to notice it and it might take a few weeks, months or even years for someone to like your blog post and share it on their blog or on others Social Media and then... the magic will happen.

Once you find something like this, I needed to check on how my site has been doing in the last year.

It's starting to look like a busy website :) I'm really happy to see it happening!

As I wrote on another blog here at WA, when a PIN goes viral, it's better to take a look to this blog post on my website.

Numbers are getting pretty!

Over 200 shares on Pinterest :)

What to do when people like your content:

Rinse and repeat - Jay.

- Do I have more posts on my blog like this one?

- Do people love to find more posts on this topic on my blog?

- Can I create more posts on this same topic on my blog?

Well, I'll be working on more posts to share on my blog for my audience and I will let you know how it goes!


I couldn't find better training on the internet to reach this success with my website than here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have a clear idea about how to create content for my website.

I stopped following another "internet gurus" because I know here at Wealthy Affiliate I have the best mentors to help me to create the right content for my website.

I'm happy with the results I see on my website today and I know I'll reach more success with this website soon.


Keep at it, follow Wealthy Affiliate training and be patient as your website needs good work and time.

One day you'll also be writing a blog like this one to let us know your website is doing great!

I'll be happy to read it, like it and leave you a comment. I'll be happy to read that you're happy because your hard work is turning into a successful website!

I thank you for stopping by to read my blog, give me a like, write a comment and sharing this blog.

Today I want to thank you Kyle, Carson, Jay and everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate who write blogs to share how to build an online business!


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lynnsam61 Premium
Hi Alejandra,
Loved hearing about your revelations from just starting out to now. I'm getting a lot of traffic on a few posts and the suggestion about doing others like them really makes sense. So obvious (duh) but I'd never thought of that so thank you!
Barley1 Premium
Hey Alejandra, yes WA training is by far the best on the market. Over the past 5 years, I have spent almost $20k on training and useless products and this is only $49 month
heljam404A Premium
I totally agree with you Alehandra the training here is second to none have a great weekend.
CandP Premium
Buenas noticias, amiga!
C & P
AlejandraB Premium
Mil gracias :)

Claudiojuan Premium
Hola Alejandra, me alegra mucho saber que tus sitios están recibiendo más tráfico y que WA te está ayudando mucho a alcanzar todos tus objetivos. Felicitaciones!!

AlejandraB Premium
Hola Claudio,
Asi es, ha tomado trabajo y tiempo, pero al fin estoy viendo buenos resultados, y todo lo que he aprendido aquí en Wealthy Affiliate funciona bien al 100 %

Ver resultados como estos es un logro que me invita a seguir trabajando en mi sitio!

Mil gracias por seguirme en mis aventuras con WA! :)