Month Report - July 2019

Last Update: August 01, 2019

* Affiliate Marketing is a long term adventure, it will have its good days and it will have some challenges to work on, everything is possible if you work on it *

Hello everyone!

Long time since my last post.

A few things changed in my life as an online entrepreneur that has kept me busy working on a few things.

No more unlimited internet at home!

Hard to believe this can happen to us!

We (my husband and I) used to have a good unlimited internet service.

I never had to worry about how much internet I was using while I was working on my sites, I even used to listen to music on YouTube.

When life brings lemons, learn how to make lemonade!

One day we got an email from the internet company letting us to know they will stop to provide internet service to us in 3 weeks!!!!!

As an online entrepreneur you don't want to get that email ever! - But we got it.

(I should add here, they got that month money 100 % )

We had only 3 weeks to hire another internet company, and we couldn't find any who provide unlimited internet, so we had to hire the best option on the market.

Every morning we need to find out how much internet did we use the previous day so we can manage to have enough internet for the current month.


I have to learn how to work in silence :(


No more part-time job for me!

Well, things changes and one day it had to happened to me.

For the moment I'm not looking for another part-time job so I've been working full time on my sites!


If you read my previous blog, I went back to training to learn more about SEO and how to write blog post for my site that rank better!

I've been on it!

Every week I've been working from 4 to 5 blog post, but not all are for one website as I have more than one.


Taking the time to study my sites.

I've been on Search Console to learn more about what keywords are working good on my sites and which aren't.

By doing this, it will help me to know more about my audience preferences and it will help me to write more content for my sites that my audience are looking for on the internet.


Google Analytics got my attention too.

As I learn more about the numbers from my sites, I can work better to create more content for my audience.


Social Media.

As I have been working to write content with my readers in my mind, I'm happy to report that my numbers on Social Media are growing.

I'm not putting any money on ads, so I'm working to get better to get good results from my work.

Facebook is not too friendly if you don't put some money on it, but I won't and I want to work hard to get some traffic to my site.

Here's something I'm working on, and so far it's working OK

As you can see, I went from a page with no visits and no engagement at all to 511 post reach!!

I went from one or two visits to my site to 1.0 K engagements!

Today I can see my posts are getting shares and that means more people are getting to know about me and my websites!


It takes a lot of work and time, but is possible to reach our goals!


Keep at it, create content with your client and readers in your mind and the traffic will get to your website!

Do you use Facebook to promote your website?


Thanks for your likes, comments and shares!


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jetrbby80316 Premium
Fabulous progress in all areas Alejandra, limitation often make us more productive. Kudos!
Carson2 Premium
Trials and tribulations. Yuck! The best to you and your husband.
JMatonge1 Premium
It is good you have partially overcome your obstacles with the internet provider. Good determination.
SondraM Premium
Wow, it sounds like you have had some ups and downs. I too recently lost my unlimited hot spot service, which is how I got my internet.

After a bit of frustration, I've managed to adapt. I hope that August will be an even better month for you.
rubanzema Premium
Thank you for sharing. I wish you success.