Lots Of Problems With My Site :(

Last Update: September 01, 2019

Hi everyone!


My site is back to normal :)

Sitesupport got it back to work normal!!

Thanks so much !!

Since yesterday, I'm having a few problems with one of my sites.

My blog was down yesterday so I sent a Support Ticket and they, as always were fast to answer me and they told me there was a few problems with my site and it took a few hours but my site was back.

This morning, my site was gone from the websites' manager board here at WA!

Yes, you can see I was in shock at that moment!

I tried to send a Support Ticket, but it didn't work at all

There's no way I could write down my question and send it to them at all! :(

I asked for help to some members on the Live Chat and they told me, Support team might be busy at that time, so I waited, and waited, and waited and nothing, same thing!


My site was back again on the websites' manager board and I could check on it and everything looked OK.


Right now, I wanted share some content from this site to Pinterest and I noticed most of the images from the site are gone! :(

As you can see, all the feature images are gone, and when I open each post it happens the same with all the images in most of the posts on this site!!!

I checked the library of the site, and images are just like this:

Well, now you can have an idea of what my feelings are right now!

And I can't reach Support Ticket at all!


I hope you can help me with this problem! I know you will!

- How can I reach Support team here at WA if I can't send them a ticket?

- Is there another way to reach them?


Talking about my website.

Is this a problem for Support team here at WA or do I need to check this problem by myself?


I'm worried but not much because I know Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to build up a website, and sooner or later all these problems will be solved out!


I'll read your comments!

Thank you for all your help!


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accad Premium
Is your problem solved already or not yet?
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Alejandra,

Having websites can be a pain and I am sorry for you.
What happened to you did not happen to me, it was the opposite.
I was seeing things on my website that were not there anymore. Widgets which had been taken off the website and media file, I still would see it.
Site support told me to do my anti-virus scan and then clean my browser and that did the trick.
Anyhow, I hope you will get this problem solved soon.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
spurway Premium
Hi Alejandra
it might be that you have two image optimizer active, as the new server has the Kraken optimizer, it might be not compatible with Ewww image optimizer.
My speed Colum on wealthy affiliate disappeared yesterday on two sites, so I guess wealthy affiliate has some problems.
Sorry to hear you have to go through all the trouble.
Cheers Sylvia
lesabre Premium
Hi Alejandra, sorry to hear about the problems you are having. If you do not mind PM me your URL. Not sure if there is anything I can do, but I will try.
Do you have any back-ups for your site, I know site support does back up sites to a certain degree on the siterubix platform.
The other, is if you are able to use the live chat forum, Kyle does appear there often and will be able to help out.

Best wishes,
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks so much Michael.
Site support got my site back to normal, they are the best!

Claudiojuan Premium
Hola Amiga, mi consejo es "Paciencia" no te desesperes. Mientras tanto enviales mensajes principalmente a Carson. Los únicos que pueden solucionarlo es soporte. Suerte!!
AlejandraB Premium
Muchas gracias Claudio,
Asi es, estoy tranquila pues se que estoy en la mejor plataforma y que todo sera resuelto para bien.

Gracias, le voy a mandar un mensaje a Carson!

Ya les tendre al tanto sobre esto!
Feliz domingo!
michaelvgATN Premium
Hi, the exact same thing happened to me: After uploading all the pictures again, I found out I should have manually backed up my site: You have to upload all the pictures again, and then follow this lesson on how to back your site manually (it’s the best way of backing up a site, and I mean the best).


Michael V.