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Last Update: June 09, 2019

I'm Back to Wealthy Affiliate after 30 days on Vacations, a short report about how my website works without me working on it.

How to build a passive income via affiliate marketing.

I'm back home after spending 30 days abroad visiting my children and grand-children and other family members.

It was a good to visit to my family in Mexico and enjoyed the good weather while in Canada has been a cold Spring time.

Before I went on vacation I got everything ready to be able to visit my family and not to worry about blogging and writing new posts on my website (s)

I got the time to write 4 new posts for my quilts sites, and had everything ready for that.

It took me two weeks to get the tutorials and all the pictures ready for the posts.

Wealthy Affiliate can be your best partner when you need to write a few posts for your sites.

I will share on these blogs the good points and the bad points that didn't work for me this time, and what I learned about going for vacations when you're working to build up a passive income business.

I must say that the points didn't work OK was my own fault and not because Wealthy Affiliate didn't work good for me.

Before I left on vacation I found how good it is to work on Content feature here on Wealthy Affiliate, and to write as many blog post for your website as you need to write before you pack all your things in a bag and leave for your vacation.

I found how to get everything ready for your posts, no big problems to work on for that, if you don't know how to use for features on the Content, you might need some time to find how everything works there, but I'm sure you'll find it out.

I took my time to write each blog post and add the pictures on the posts.

As always I like to add the feature picture for each blog post after I publish each post and I add the feature post when I edit the post on my blog.

I found I can add the feature picture for each post in advance by adding the picture to the MEDIA LIBRARY, this way I don't need to worry on how I'm going to do that later.

How to set up a video in YouTube in advance.

As each one of my blog post is linked to a tutorial video on YouTube, working in advance to make a video and get everything ready to be published for the video at the same time as the blog post will be no problem at all as you can do everything and just make the video private and turn it on public until you want to make it open to public.

Why it didn't work the way I wanted.

Reason #1

I didn't publish all the blog post I had ready to publish on time while I was on vacation.

I decided not to take my laptop with me as it's a little heavy and also because every time I take it with me I notice as it travel in the bag, the screen gets some air bubbles.

This time I decided to get everything lighter so I got a new IPad, (much lighter than a laptop) I could take the IPad in my cross body bag with no problem and it doesn't weigh as much as the laptop.

I also bought a typing board for the IPad and I can write a post for my website with no problem at all.

Why it didn't work the way I wanted.

I have no complaints about the IPad, it works pretty good and you can do everything you want to do to keep writing content for your website.

The main reason it didn't work as good as I thought it would work was just because I wasn't ready to switch to work from the laptop to the IPad.

You might be ready to work on an IPad but I wasn't ready.

I didn't think about I need to get a few apps on the IPad ready before going on vacation, I had to find out about all the apps I needed.

I had to find out each one of the apps as I was trying to publish every blog post.

By week two of my vacation I got everything I needed, and I must say, once you get all the apps you need, your IPad will be the best tool you'll need to get everything ready to work on for your online business.

Reason #2 why I couldn't publish all the blog post I got ready to be published while I was on vacations.


When your family doesn't know what you're doing as your personal business project online, they will think you're on vacation.

For some families being on vacation means you're free!

As soon as I get there, my family had already some plans to do with me, and that meant no time to stay alone and work on my sites.

After the first week trying to get some free time for myself, I gave up and I got along with my family and I enjoyed of the time I spent with them.

How good your website will be working with any new blog post published when you're on vacations.

Wealthy Affiliate - I was lucky to be able to read some of your posts but I didn't have much free time to write comments or give you more likes to your posts.

My rank went from 400 to down, down, down to almost 1300

Am I worried about it?

- No, I'm not, I know I can do better now that I'm back at home.

Google Analytics.

I have 5 sites.

4 of my sites didn't do too well while I was on vacations.

My # 1 site - Niche: Quilting in Spanish.

This site kept doing pretty good, daily visits on the site kept doing good!

When you find who your client is, and when you write content for them, they will keep visiting your site, no matter you take some time for yourself or for your family.

YouTube - vacations report.

I'm happy with the results, my followers kept growing and my videos got steady views.

Once again, when you work to create content for your target client, it will keep working for you!

Social Media.

Happy with the results. I kept getting followers the same way as before my vacations.

After Vacations Repport when you have an online business.

I'm happy with the results from this site, I see after working one year to create good quality content for my clients, it kept working good and steady.

What you learn here on Wealthy Affiliate works pretty good!

Learning Curve.

I worked one whole year on this site and I see the good results I can get from it no matter I keep working on it or not.

I could relax while I was on vacations and I had good time with my family. No need to be stressed if you can't publish content the way you thought you'd be doing it.

Today I know the points that didn't work for me, and I can work on them the next time I go on vacations.

What to do next:

It's time to go back to work, publish the content I have ready to be published and create new content.

What worked the best for me while I was on vacation.

Taking my IPad with me was a good decision, it's light to carry with me all the time, apps work pretty good, and taking a typing board case for the IPad is a good tool that will help you to work on it.

No big difference from typing on a laptop when you work on an IPad with a typing board case.

Today you can get any kind of app to create all the content you want to create for your website content.

It's easy to take pictures with your IPad, and create the images for your website.

You can resize pictures and add text on them.

Sharing your content to Social Media will be also easy.

Everyday is easier to travel and keep working on your website.

Next time I go on vacations, I'll work in advance to get everything ready to work better.

Today I know why it didn't work the way I wanted it to, so I will be ready to make some changes in advance.

So I'm back and ready to go back to work!

Happy to be back at home and happy to be back here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Thank you for your likes, comments and shares!

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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Alejandra.
Welcome back to Wealthy Affiliates. I'm traveling also.I'm heading up to New York for a week.
CandP Premium
Glad to see you back, Alejandra. It looks like all your prior hard work stood you in good stead while you took 30 days off.
We are just about to move to Mexico, from Ecuador and are really looking forward to it.
Colette and Philip
AlejandraB Premium
Hi Colette and Phillip,

What a great news to share, I'm happy to know you're moving to Mexico, may I ask to what city, we might get the chance to meet each other on my next visit to Mexico.

I use to visit Puebla and Toluca, and I might visit also Guadalajara next year.

Have a great day!
CandP Premium
We are headed initially to Playa Del Carmen on the Yucatan peninsula. We are going to check out the whole of the Riviera Maya and also Mérida and will make a final decision after that. Where is your family located?
Colette and Philip
AlejandraB Premium
You're picking a nice place to live, Merida is on my list of nice places to move back in Mexico one day. Nice city, friendly people and really good food.
My family lives in Puebla and in Toluca, both cities are not far from Mexico city, Puebla is also a nice place to live, beautiful city with good food too.
CandP Premium
Thanks for the information. We plan to explore all of Mexico in time. We already have our Residencia Permanente so we are all set to go. We are very excited.
5-qpq Premium

Fantastic. Like energies connect. I was just talking to someone about my niche of choice and creating content for YouTube and how I think that my niche is not worth my time etc and here you are. I'm not saying that I will take this route but something to be considered.

Plus, I often think about you and your online approach. Hey, I never knew that there was a keyboard for the Ipad. How cool is that? Real, cool.

Bye for now.

AlejandraB Premium
Hi Becky,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I'm happy to be back here at WA.
I'm also happy to share my steps, they might work on a different niche, and I hope to be able to share some good results about making money soon from my site.

I will take a photo of the Ipad with the typing board, it works good and it's so easy to set up, so you can take a look on it.

Have a great day.
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Alejandra,

I am happy you had a good time with your family being on Holiday. Those are memories you will have for the rest of your life.
I can understand that workwise it came our a bit different than expected but let's face it, now, with recharged bateries you will be able to make up for the "lost" time.
Good to have you back.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
AlejandraB Premium
Good afternoon Taetske,
Thank you for your kind words, it's good to be back at home and to be back here.
I learned a few things about how to work while being on Holidays, now I'll keep working on my sites.
I had great time with my family and I came back with lots of good memories to keep on my heart and mind for a long time.
I'll be working on my sites, so next time I go on vacations I'll do better.

Have a great time in Spain.
Que tengas un lindo dia!

Greetings from SW Quebec.
bauguste Premium
Welcome back AlejandraB
AlejandraB Premium
Thank you, I'm happy to be back!