I Made It! 1K Followers On YouTube

Last Update: March 16, 2019

I've been working hard and I made it! 1K followers on YouTube!

Hello everyone!

Last week was a Wow week for me!

It began on Monday when I saw my numbers going up and up each day: 978... 985 ... 990

Then, I was checking on it and I was just telling to myself, 2 more, yes, 2 more, wow!

Yes! I made it last Thursday - My YouTube channel reached 1K followers!

So I had to wait two more days to get an e-mail from YouTube telling me: Congratulations you made it!

And let me tell you that reaching my first 1000 followers feels so good!

Why? you may ask.

Let me tell you this.

I've been working hard to take my dream of becoming an online entrepreneur for a few years now.

The first years were hard work with no direction at all, the results were poor :(

Many times I thought it might be better to quit and get back to real world and get a regular job.

But I'm lucky to have the best person at home who told me to keep trying and don't stop on your dreams.

With him and since the day I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, I've been working hard to find the way to turn my dream into an online business.

Last year, I decided to do Wealthy Affiliate for the second time. This time I worked to create new content without missing any step from the training.

I started to see how my website started to get more followers every day and every week!

Reaching my first 1000 followers was a goal I set up last year!

This is why this is important for me, I reached this goal, and with it I reached more goals.

  • Learn to create more content for my website with my clients in my mind.
  • Learn to create more content for my website good for SEO
  • Learn to create more content that will lead for an online business.

Today, I can write a second goal to reach for one year and for 5 years!

Once again, I thank you, Wealthy Affiliate, a place where I'm learning with you all how to build up my own online business.

Don't quit, it might take some time to reach your goals, but you can make it.

Stick to the training and keep at it.

It will get better every day!

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SnazzyIT Premium
Well done :)
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Alejandra,

Wow, I'm really happy to hear you have support at home.

That's a wonderful goal to reach... 1000 followers. Congratulations!!

SondraM Premium

I am thrilled that your efforts are paying off. It is wonderful that you have support at home also.

I don't knit or crochet. Yet, I still smile when I think about your pin that went viral.

You have shared some great tips here. Thus, far I have focused on content but I haven't really made any goals with regards to growing page views or followers. Maybe it is about time.

Thanks for that little bit of extra motivation!.
Talk2Ray Premium
Congratulations Alejandra. You are well on your way to success. And thanks for the inspiration you bring with your post.
Keep on working towards your goals.
DaveAsprey Premium
Big congrats. You must be buzzing
StunningBell Premium
Woooooow congratulations. Accomplishing long term goals is the best ever feeling you can have. You deserve some celebrations at your end.

Great job.
MiaL Premium
Awesome work Alejandra. I myself just cannot master YouTube
RiaBatista Premium
Congratulations Alejandra. Muy buen trabajo.
Barley1 Premium
Congrats on your many achievements. It's a pleasure connecting with you.

laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Alejandra,

That sounds good, felicidades.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
pasionazul Premium
Brilliant post friend of mine, your achievements are also becoming in me a very strong desire to achieve my own goals. Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing such a valuable post.
spencecater Premium
So inspiring Alejandra. Just shows what hardwork, commitment and the right training can do...and lets not forget a loving supportive partner! Well done and keep going!
Mick18 Premium
Congrats. Well done. Your hard work is paying off.
BobRoman Premium
Congratulations on your achievements!

Keep it up!

To your tremendous success!

CandP Premium
Maravilloso! Felicitaciones! Buen trabajo Alejandra.
C y P
FKelso Premium
Congratulations! Sounds like you have arrived. Keep up the good work.
JonLake Premium
Absolutely brilliant Alejandra. Well done. A great lesson to all newbies here at WA that hard work pays off.