How To Write An About Page

Last Update: April 04, 2019

How to write an about page on your website. This will be one of the most visited pages on your website, it needs to welcome your readers to follow you.

Hello everyone.

Long time since my last blog here at Wealthy Affiliate, so it's time to let you know how things are lately on my websites.

It's nice to say that everything keeps going nicely.

It's great to see how the good work I did last year is starting to pay off.

I need to say I was part of the first edition of the Super Wealthy Affiliate challenge 2018, and I learned a lot about how to do things right to build up an online business.

I could see how my websites started to grow with more content on them, and little by little each one of them is starting to get more daily visits.

The secret to writing a successful website is not a secret for us here at Wealthy Affiliate, we all have the right training to work on our websites the right way.

Wealthy Affiliate Super Challenge 2019.

I'm taking part of the SWAG 2019!

I'm excited to be part of it this year, and the reason is a good one. I'll be working to create more content for my website and I've the feeling this year will be a great one for my online business!

The first task to work on the SWAG 2019 is to create a website if you don't have one yet, and create the first pages on it.

If I had known this, I would have started to work on my websites in a different way.

I would have created a HOME page to welcome my readers and to let him/her know what was my website about.

If you're new at WA, you can follow the training and create a HOME page and a blog.

The second most visited page on your website will be the ABOUT ME page.

The importance to create this page is to let know to your reader who are you, why you write this website and how you can help him/her to solve a particular problem on your niche.

If you write a good ABOUT ME page, you will give your reader a clear image of you and how you can help him/her.

Your reader can decide if you can help him/her or not, in the case that your website is what they were looking for, you'll have a loyal reader and they will visit your website not just one time but many.

A reader will visit your website about 7 times before they decide to buy one of your products. So you need to plan your content carefully and always thinking about how to help your reader.

An ABOUT Me page should not be a page to show off (I know, we might have many things to show about ourselves to our readers)

But our readers might not be looking to know more about you or about me, they want to know if you or if I am the person they are looking for to help them to solve a problem.

So, after learning this, it's time for me to take the time and put everything aside and take the time to write a better ABOUT ME page.

You can find the training Kyle has to learn how to write an about page for your site here.

You also can check on the content draft Kyle has prepared for us to help us to write the about me page.

If you want to learn more, you can also take your time to visit some of the about me pages of some successful bloggers on your niche.

This is a good strategy to follow to know more about what they do right and why their business works great.

It's always a good idea to pick one or two people on your niche who are doing already some business from their website.

You can always learn some steps they have done.

Take some notes on a notebook, and take your time to write a new ABOUT Me page for your website.

Once again: never copy but you can get inspired by what other people do.

A short sentence to welcome your reader.

A paragraph to let to your reader know that you realize what problem they are facing right now on your niche.

That problem must hurt!

You can add a few sentences to remind him/her how bad it is to have that problem in their lives.

After that, then you can write about how good it is to have a solution for that particular problem and how did you manage to find it.

This is when you can write a short story about how you went from point A to point B


  • I had only 20 dollars in my pocket but after I learned how to blog at Wealthy Affiliate, today I have a niche site that make a full income for me.
  • My website is no longer a ghost town, after I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate and I learned how to write content for my website, and I also learned everything about SEO.

You need to write 2 or 3 sentences to let your reader know that you are the person who can help them to solve out that particular problem they have right now.

This page is not about "selling" anything, it's a page to let your reader to know they have found the right person that will help them to know more, to learn more and to help them to solve a particular problem.

The next step is to invite your reader to visit your blog where they can find the information they are looking for.

You can add a link to your blog, or to a page with more information about what is your website about and what kind of products or services you have for your reader.

Well, my "homework" for today is done, and I still have a few more pages to check on.

The first week of the SWAG is a week to check on the pages of your website and get everything ready for your reader!

In case, you have all your websites pages done, you can write two new articles for your website with a rich keyword.

Keep at it, and this year will be a good one!

Don't forget a successful website needs good work and time!


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ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing. Very, very good addition to Kyle's About Me training. Tweeking mine and this invaluable. Great training post for newbies especially. Thanks again.

RAFStuart Premium
Very many thanks for a most helpful post.
lynnsam61 Premium
Thanks for these tips Alejandra and best of luck with SWAG 2019!

laparra1 Premium
Good evening Alejandra,

Nice to see you again after all this time. Thank you for this nice post. I also think this will be a good year.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
CandP Premium
Great information, Alejandra, thank you. We agree it is so important that we pay attention to our Home and About Me pages.
Colette and Philip