How To Rank # 1 On Pinterest

Last Update: August 02, 2019

* Easy steps to learn to rank # 1 on Pinterest - and your website will get tons of traffic! *

Hello everyone!

I'll keep this blog short.

As I keep working on creating more content for my website, I keep working on finding the right keywords and how to place them on a new post.

If you're like me, sometimes I find myself wondering how to do it to reach my goal to see my website taking off and reach those numbers that will start bringing good results.

When you learn how to work the SEO on a new blog post, and you take your time to craft it before you hit the * publish button *

You might have the feeling after you publish it that you did it right this time.

You know you need to wait a few days or even a few weeks to see some results, whether they can be bad or good.


I published a new blog post for my niche site last Monday, I always wait a few hours or one day before I share a new blog post on Pinterest.

This time I waited to share it on Pinterest until Tuesday morning.

I also shared it on Facebook.

I share my niche site on these two Social Media platforms because I know my clients are there.


Friday morning I got a new e-mail from Pinterest to let me know my new PIN is a hit!

I had to check it.


Not bad!

5.1 K Impressions

12 saves

14 Links clicks.

On Pinterest!

I hope it will keep bringing traffic to my website!!


Facebook report

It has 26 shares already!


Not bad for a 3 days old new post!


Keep at it, find the way to get the right keywords for your site.

Take your time to create new content for your clients so as to keep happy Mr. Google

People will read you and they will follow you!

If you find the right formula, rinse and repeat!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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lesabre Premium
Hi Alejandra, thank you for sharing. Impressive numbers.

Best wishes,

chief14nj Premium
Awesome post
Joes946 Premium
Great post.
KayOSmith Premium
Thank you! The social media part is the part I really struggle with. Thank you for being so encouraging in this. I'll keep trying for it!
JagR Premium
Thanks for sharing.