First Sale On Amazon

Last Update: September 03, 2017

Yes, this picture shows exactly how I feel at this moment, I just checked again Amazon and my first sale is confirmed!!

It feels so good! (I'm still doing my "happy dancing")

How did it happen?

A short story of the long way I did to get it.

3 long years here at Wealthy Affiliate with no sales!

I won't blame WA because I know it did not followed the full training at the beginning.

I wanted to quit WA at some point because I didn't get the success I wanted as fast as I wanted.

I didn't quit, but I did another big mistake... I looked for a "mentor" on my own language (Spanish) so I could learn better the art of making money on line.

What I learnt there was I put some money and lots of time with a little or no success at all.

I learnt my lesson.

I came back to Wealthy Affiliate and I went to the beginning of the training on lesson 1

What did I miss? I just wanted to find that crucial point of step I missed.

I started a new site, following each step of the training!!

I paid another full year for WA in advance, I know by now I will stay here forever, this is the place where I want to be for my online business.

Even I follow a few online entrepreneur in Spanish, by now I know the quality of the training and Jay's webinars here at WA.

I have the felling I just need to keep at it and success will be bigger every day, every week and every month.

It doesn't matter how small the first sale is, I will celebrate it the big way and I will keep working on it.

How long a new site can reach success (money in your pocket)

Well, I will tell you a little secret. Just follow Wealthy Affiliate training, any problem you face ask the community here, and watch Jay's webinar.

A week ago, my husband started a new site (he's also at WA)

One week, just one week

One post, just one post

Two clicks on Amazon already!

I'm sure I will be back here to tell you about more goals accomplished soon!

Just keep at it!!

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Internetgranny Premium
And well done to your husband too! Just wondering - with only one post on his new website, is he using your affiliate link? I can't imagine him having become a new affiliate so quickly...
AlejandraB Premium
We have learnt now how to write a post for a website (blog), so we follow every step WA says we should do and also how to write and share the website content on the internet as Jay has showed us on his webinars.
We haven't work on Social Media yet!
I will write about "how to write a blog post" to reach success here soon.
JeanL Premium
That's awesome! That first sale is sooo sweet!
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks so much Jean, just keep at it!
Alan Hocking Premium
I think you'll find a lot of people here have tried other things and always return to WA because the training here works!

Glad you found your way home in the end Alejandra :)
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks Alan, I love the way you put it, I'm at home!
pablocortina Premium
DShensky Premium
there is no set time limit, but what you learn is invaluable
AlejandraB Premium
So true, the lesson was a little bit hard, but it worth it, now I'm working on the right direction, thanks for commenting!