The Old Ways Are Best?

Last Update: November 07, 2020

Hi WAérs,

I thought i would just make a new post on the spur of the moment.

I have over the last 6 months or so taken a new direction in my business. Well, not exactly a new direction because it is the same thing that i have been doing for years.

I decided to just focus on what I do and have done for years as my niche, rather than try to develop new online skills that are harder to acquire, and that of which i dont have so much experience or skill.

So now I am building a new email list of people in the property investment and development niche, which is more related to where my knowledge lies.

I hope it will stand me in good stead for 2021.

I also hope that you will have a successful 2021 with your own businesses.

What happened to 2020?

Have a great weekend!



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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Alan,

You do not by chance also work in Spain? We have the total up for sale, but the market is still very slow. It will be heartbreaking to leave here after so many years but we are not getting younger so one has to be realistic. It is getting too work intensive. I think and hope that by 2021 things get better.
I wish you success and stay healthy.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

AlexEvans Premium
Way to go Alan, nothing like following our passion the journey takes on a new and dynamic vibe.

Best wishes as you explore this path.
Palatia Premium Plus
Sounds good! Good work! I've been asking myself the same thing, what happened to 2020?

JeffreyBrown Premium
Well done, Alan! Go with what you know!

Claudiojuan Premium
Hello Alan nice to hear from you. I find it great that you focus on your niche. It is the best and safest given your experience. I am trying to add people in WA. It is quite a challenge I hope to be successful any news I will keep you posted.