The Devastating Year of 2020 - The Year Of The Mask

Last Update: December 08, 2020

2020 - The Year Of The Mask

When I look back at the year that has gone by and is almost finished, I associate it with the new "Must Wear " Apparel - The Face Mask. The effect of the Covid 19 pandemic has been far reaching to almost every corner of the world, and so many families have been impacted adversely.

Many families were directly impacted from the point of view of the health of their family members, even sadly many deaths occurred as a result of the pandemic. Some people were fortunate and managed to recover from the virus, but told of how traumatic the experience was on them during their illness and recovery.

Business Failures

The economic effects of the pandemic on businesses is still being felt worldwide and will no doubt resound for many months to come, if not years.

Many businesses have failed as a result of the pandemic and trends in business. I was surpised that one UK business, Debenhams, that recently failed had been in existence for more than 240 years, and weathered many difficulties, even two world wars and the Spanish flu epidemic of 2018 - 2020.

Reaction To The Pandemic

The effect on me and my business has been that it has accelerated the efforts that i made to go fully online, which I started to do a few years ago, but the effect of the pandemic brought that forward to become a requirement for immediate action.

I have created some training courses that I have available for download to subscribers and I have developed a new website, with a membership possible for subscribers, all based around my expertise.

The New Year 2021 - Start Of A New Decade

Let us hope that the New Year, 2021, will bring an end to the awful virus that has shattered many lives throughout the world. The first vaccinations have already started to be given. In fact my own mother is due to receive the vaccination in mid December, which I could not have imagined even a month ago.

I hope that all the available vaccines will be quickly distrbuted to all those that need them throughout the world in the remainder of this year and during early next year.

I also hope that 2021 will become a year when the mask is only seen in hospitals and surgeries and not on the streets of cities worldwide, as was the case before the pandemic. Let us hope that we will see more people smiling again as they and their livelihoods recover from the current problems and difficulties, and things get back to more like normal.

Wishing you all success for the coming year, 2021.



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BillandSue Premium
Hi Alan,
I would say that 202 isn't the best of years for some of us. But I know things will get better in time.

We need jolts sometimes to keep us out of complacency, I think this is one of them. But like I said life will get better.

Have an inspired 20121. thanks for sharing.

laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Alan,

Unbelievable that a business operating for 240 years like Debenhams had to close because of this virus. When working on a Russian cruise ship in 1978, we would come to Southampton every 14 days. In Debenhams, I bought plates and silver wear, which I still use today.
I wear a mask when going to the village once a week. We are on the second lockdown, and hopefully tomorrow we hear it has been lifted. We have to start the orange delivery tours on the coast. The season always starts in Dec. till June. The year the previous harvest fell to the ground, a real shame.
You are right, the world is lacking in smiles, a rather sad sight all these masked faces.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Debbi26 Premium
Love the title but NOT wearing the mask. I can't say I know many that do like it. I'm counting on 2021 to be a much better year!!!!!

JeannineC Premium
I'm fortunate that in my little corner of the world, my favorite place has a heated patio where we can enjoy a nice meal surrounded by friends who also have gone there for years. Other than the servers wearing masks and little bottles of sanitizer on every table, the world seems normal. I wish our level of freedom for everyone in 2021.
lesabre Premium
Hi Alan, 2020 the year that changed the world. Many people will feel the impact for a while. All we can do is hope that 2021 will be a year of regrowth, and I am sure it will. I am sure we will be asked to wear a mask for the first part of 2021. As long as we overcome and conquer all that changed our lives, it will be a small discomfort at the most.

All the best,