Progress Review Of My WA Journey 24 Months On

Last Update: August 29, 2019


I joined WA in August 2017, not being at all familiar with internet marketing at that time. Ever since I joined WA I followed all the training as quickly as I could bearing in mind I have been working at a job full time for most of that period, so not as quickly as I would have liked.

During that time WA has been the one consistent platform and source which I have used to improve my knowledge and to develop my blog, although i have become interested in a few other businesses as well along the way. I feel like i am a climber who is gradually becoming more expert, the higher he climbs.

Training And Improved Knowledge From WA

I have learned a massive amount from the WA training, both the step by step structured courses and also the incidential training which is published by members. I have realised that there is still a massive amount that I have yet to learn about internet marketing, and online business, but at least I am making inroads little by little.

I know far more now about the different Social Media platforms, and how to use these to try to build your own brand. Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and a few new ones as well such as Webtalk.

SEO is another thing which I have improved my knowledge about from WA and also by following the leading lights like Neil Patel and Brian Dean.

There are so many knowledgeable people at WA, that it has been really amazing how much information is available collectively from all their training, and videos on practically every subject imaginable, irrespective of Live Chat and other incidental sources.

Success Stories At WA And Lots of Mentoring And Guidance

I have seen the numerous success stories at WA, and tried to learn from the mentors and Ambassadors who share their methods and help newer members here.

i was really impressed by how quickly some people have achieved their success, and how profitable some of their businesses are. It just shows the massive potential if you can find the right niche for yourself on the internet.

The Distractions

There are inumerable products and systems and services on offer in the internet marketplace, and it is easy to lose your way in the forest and not be able to see the wood for the trees.

It is very easy to get distracted by the famous shiny objects, and there are lots and lots of pitches from people who claim and suggest that their product or service is the best thing for you and how you cant do without it, or that it will or may lead to massive success and a change in your lifestyle for the better. It is a good thing there is always sound advice from WA that most of these things are unecessary

The Most Precious Resource - Your Own Time

One thing that has become very clear to me is that your most precious resource which you have at your disposal is your own time, and how you use it largely dictates how much success you will have.

I have become more and more overwhelmed with the information available and which i have at some time foolishly expressed interest in, so one thing which I should do is to be ruthless and unsubscribe from a lot of information sources, after all, most of them are just pitching me for sales.

I have also realise that the more different options or systems you pursue, the more that your efforts are diluted.

During the last year, I have deliberately focussed on information products, having looked into drop-shipping and ecommerce, but decided that with my limited time I would struggle to succeed with these types of business.

The Results So Far

Looking at progress which I have made, in financial terms I have not yet recouped my outlay on internet marketing, but it will break even this year and I hope it will soon move into profit as well.

Looking on the positive side, one thing which I have made good progress with during the last month especiallly, is in building a list of email subscribers, so I do feel that I am heading in the right direction. I hope that the email list will result in sales if i can put the right offers in front of the right people at the right time, and they think that i could help them to solve their current problems.

There are still lots of Ifs, but I do think that things are coming together steadily, and maybe the future will be bright(er).

Have a great weekend and successful time ahead with each of your own businesses!


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DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks, Alan for sharing with us today.
Good to see the progress you are making, sometimes it looks like nothing much is happening but as we keep making progress it will all fall into place.
You have got this, we wish you continued success.
Darren & Nicola :)
BobMargroff Premium
Great post Alan. I agree with everything you have said here.

I also find “shiny objects” that tend to be attractive and have to fight the urge to sign up for them.

I hope to see my 24 months here to be the same as you. I have not made any money yet...but know that I eventually will.

I just have to work out the kinks in my website and get more content on it.

I look forward to seeing your 36-month post and progress.

I wish you the best!

Bob M
jetrbby80316 Premium
Fantastic Alan, you are a true trooper!
I ma proud of you for the progress you've made, and all that you have learned.

You have a great attitude, and will definitely succeed financially in this business if you keep this up, but even as it stands right now you ave learned so much in internet marketing and social media. Kudos!

Morphing Premium
Thanks for your honesty, it helps a new person like myself realise the reality of this business. The fact that there is so much to learn, not only in volume, but making the right decisions at the right time. One thing that is encouraging is the fact that you have to put in many hours to learn all these different platforms, ideas and media outlets. You cannot buy experience. I am also proud that you kept going and never gave up. Im hoping for you, myself and others that once the journey ramps up it will start flowing from a stream to a river. good luck and thanks again for the post.
Aussiemuso Premium
Great progress I would say and good advice for a newbie like me. Stay away from shiny things.😆

Thanks for this info.

Lily 😊