I Am Getting More Acquainted With The Internet Jungle And Its Characters

Last Update: December 10, 2018

Characters In The Internet Jungle

I am becoming more familiar with the internet world and its characters, having been wandering about in this jungle for well more than a year now.

It has a lot of similarities with a jungle, I think. There are lots of different characters who resemble the wild life you would find in the jungle, all fighting for survival, unless you are at the top of the food chain.

There are the large numbers of Newbies, who are like the large herds of Wildebeest or Zebra, and these are the prey on which the predator animals feed. Be careful how many of your email addresses you give away as this is your trail and how you can get hunted down!

Then there are the predator animals, at various tiers in the food chain, who feed off whoever crosses their path on an opportune basis. These are the entrepreneurs and internet marketers, who entice their prey with fantastic offers, but you know how its going to end! You.ve seen the wildlife programmes on TV, and it never ends well for wildebeest or zebras.

Of course sometimes the mid tier animals can get wasted as well:-) Well, poachers are everywhere!

What jungle character are you?

Where are the Park Rangers when you need them?

Have a great festive season in the internet jungle! It never ends well for turkeys either, they are the wrong end of the foodchain to survive into January!

Hopefully with WA training you can survive to have a long internet life!


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CandP Premium
As divers, we think of the underwater 'jungle'. Eat or be eaten!
Great post!
C & P
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Alan,

You made me laugh with your post.
You are right, it is a jungle out there. I think in a real jungle it is fairer, animals kill when they are hungry. In the internet world, there is a lot of greed and if you are not careful you are run over.
I would like to be Ka, the snake of the Jungle Book, she could hypnotize so nicely.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
directJ Premium
Loved it!
ExpatMark Premium
A good read, thanks Alan.

JMatonge1 Premium
Hey Alan,
This is a very good analogy. We are indeed in the jungle, but predators have started running away from us because of the quality training we are receiving at WA. What with all those reviews you have to post almost everyday? They must be feeling the heat as if they are entering hell itself. Good night.