On Staying Focused.

Last Update: September 14, 2017

Kyle’s blog the other day about dumb fish getting caught reminded me of how important it is to stay focused and not fall into, “the grass is always greener on the other side” syndrome, so I thought I would just add my own thoughts on staying focused and hope it helps a few people as well.

Staying Focused

A stream, left to its own devices, will meander down from the mountain where it originated from, changing direction at every object it comes up against and choosing new routes until it eventually reaches the sea.

That same stream when channeled correctly can produce enough power to provide the electricity for an entire city.

The same light that illuminates your night table, when focused through the correct lense will produce a laser beam that can cut through steel.

When you shine a single spot light on one of those old mirror balls that we used to have in all the dance halls (Showing my age now!) the light is dispersed into hundreds of little lights and spreads out in all directions.

It looks very pretty but not one of the little lights on its own would have enough power to outshine a candle.

I guarantee that anyone who has ever achieved anything in their lives did it by staying laser focused and channeling all their energy with a single and un-swayed vision into reaching their chosen goal.

You will succeed as well, but only when you have learnt the power of staying focused!

Have a good weekend everyone, hope you’ve taken something out of my deep and sometimes abstract way of putting things and see you all on Monday.

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TopAchiever Premium
Excellent analogies! Thanks for sharing!
Alan Hocking Premium
Glad you liked it Edu I think when you first get into this business, staying focused and not getting sidetracked by the next "shiny object" is probably the hardest part to learn :)
Hudson Premium
Hi, I absolutely agree. It takes serious effort to resist those offers and as you say you can waste so much time that could be productive. I also would like to say that there are so many fresh ideas in WA with blog reports of successfull ventures. I picked up two today which I will be pursuing as additional possible revenue streams, for which I have effectively paid nothing. So who needs these outside offers which pour into our inboxes each day? It's all about giving as well and when I am successfull at these two new opportunities I will be giving back my experience to WA members,

Best regards

Carson Premium
Most of us here at Wealthy Affiliate are truly interested in building a business...and we understand that it takes time. This is why it is so easy to fall into the trap of the "next best thing". We live in a society of we want it now, but in the world of Business (online or offline), there is nothing that you can do to "have it now". There will always be temptation to buy the "quick fix", but the truth is that it only puts you further back from your goals. Remaining focused is so important and I know that EVERY SINGLE person here at WA who stays focused will achieve great things in the online business world!
Alan Hocking Premium
The one thing I have really noticed here in my short time at WA is that the main theme that runs through all the training and guidance is, Focus, Dedication and Patience!
ThomasPaul Premium
It's easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest thing. I've learned over the years only to buy something that I'm actively searching for to fulfill a specific function in my business, not just whatever pops into my inbox. I also came to realize great opportunities come by several times A day. I don't have to worry about missing out because there will more opportunities in the future.

I like the disco ball analogy. It's easy to lose site of the fact that all those course dilute all of your resources: focus, money, time.
3MGMarketing Premium
Thank so much Sir for this healthful reminder. I still need to learn to resist those yummy ads and, yes, unsubscribe from those autoresponder emails. I have so much to learn so focus is one essential character I must master to gain more time for my own growth and success.
Alan Hocking Premium
The one commodity we all have in equal amounts is time. successful people don't have any more time than you or I do. they just know how to channel their time into more productive activities and don't let themselves get side tracked!