That ONE thing I like most about WA!

Last Update: April 04, 2019

First of all, many many Congratulations to everyone who are recently selected for Super Affiliate Challenge by Kyle. I'm also selected and I know that there will be a lot of testing times along the way.

I believe that every challenge can be overcome by Positive Emotion. If we genuinely feel positive about this platform, we will naturally become super affiliate.

So, I'm writing my ONE thing, which I love most about this platform. And, that is:


The way WA makes use of technology is awesome. Have a closer look at this:

1. Dashboard or WA Home Page, here we can see all the current activities by members such as new blog posts, questions, new members, new achievements and a lot more.

2. Live Events, which has a lot of useful previous WAbinars and WA doesn't use any other software for WAbinars. Everything is just a login away :)

3. Network, As our WA network grows our reachability grows. It's always a good feeling to be known by others, whether we talk or not. In this International community, we have long distanced connections. That's awesome.

4. Rank, our rank changes everyday according to our engagement with this platform. I believe, having this rank system creates a sense of competition within us to work extra hour. Again a wonderful use of technology.

5. WA Blogs, I believe our blog posts demonstrates our thought process and our real person. I know many people through their good blog posts. And, people know me well through my posts. That's an awesome tech-stuff.

6. Live chat, anytime I needed quick response on any online stuff, I get immediately answered. It's super active 24*7, because of world-wide community. It's really a great stuff.

7. Personal Profile and personal messaging option, is super cool.

Now I've not even started talking about Website Platform and Keyword Research Platform Jaaxy, as they are SMART beyond comprehension.

No other platform in this world makes use of technology in such a wonderful and down-to-earth way. I'm glad to be the part of this community.

I'm sure that you also might have some super stuff to love this platform more than anyone else available on the internet worldwide.

What is that, which keeps you engage with this platform :)

Thanks for reading my post, I truly appreciate :)

Cheers :)


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alfredg1948 Premium
Very well said Akshay, I agree with everything you said about the WA Technology. Wish you the best in the Super Affiliate challenge.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks a lot, Alfredo. :)

Babou3 Premium
Great for your new challenge!
I wish you the best in your new adventure!

Have a bright day!
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks a lot, Ingrid.
dragonfly10 Premium
Akshay, thank you for the post. I printed it out for the encouragement along the way of the Super Challange, I agree we will all be challenged as we have never have been before.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks a lot, Sandra.
All the very best to your Super Affiliate Challenge.

dragonfly10 Premium
you as well my friend
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks a lot.
SondraM Premium
Akshay, coming up with just one thing that I like most about WA is challenging. You've done a great job of covering the technology aspect.

Those features easily describe the way that I rationalize maintaining my membership. Yet, if I can only choose one thing that I like the most it is the people , the members that make up the community.

The community allows me to learn new things every single day. Everyone from Kyle to the newest members all contribute.

The community provides a support system. Members are available to encourage us when we need encouragement; cheer for us when things are awesome; and on occasion sympathize with us when things are not so good.

The community members are motivational and inspirational. Sometimes a few undesirables act in ways that remind us how we do NOT want to be. Granted, they are in a tiny minority.

Because of the community, we are never alone. If we have questions - there is chat, online question areas and our post.

I think the community is what makes WA a truly unique place.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Yes, community stuff is awesome. I was actually thinking that "Why am I proud of joining WA, what's so special here?", even I came up with one single answer: COMMUNITY.
But later realized that even other platforms have communities in facebook. I wanted something unique to make myself feel really great about WA. :)
Later figured out that WA uses the technology in a wonderful way, no other platform uses this much sophistication all within one platform.

Thanks for your message. Engagement within the WA Community is way better than other communities. It's awesome.
SondraM Premium
The best thing is that we actually get both.

I've noticed that others have Facebook communities, but I have not been all that involved. I'm just not a huge Facebook fan.

Having the community easily accessible in the platform is nice.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Yes, exactly :)
Everything is contained within ONE platform :)
Even, I'm not a facebook fan. FB is good for socializing but NOT for focused and business related conversations.
When we use this platform, we get a different mindset automatically.