SiteComment Section: Some Ideas and Analysis

Last Update: April 24, 2019

During the Live Chat today, there were some exchange of thoughts regarding SiteComment section.

In this post I'm going to explore some issues with SiteComment Section and will suggest some rough ideas that can be implemented for its betterment. So, what are the issue with SiteComment Section!!

Top-4 Issues with SiteComment Section:

1. Most of the time there is no website available for commenting. Therefore, hard to earn 2 credits, which is required to get comments on our website.

2. Receiving low quality comments sometimes. As, mostly beginners are involved to use this section.

3. Some Commentors comment only to earn Cash-credits. No genuine comments.

4. Sometimes we receive much more comments than we ask for. Once, I received 10 comments when I requested just 2.

There may be more than 4 issues. But they are more common. Add if you have anymore.

Should there be monetary benefits? Yes or No

I believe, the decision of incorporating monetary benefit was rewarding. I totally support this decision. However, during launch it's been said that you can earn $100s a month through this section. It is not so, at all. I think, a commenter can earn around $25 -$30 a month, maximum. And, it's a good value. A win-win situation indeed.

I spend 45 min-1 hour a day in SiteComment section. And, I get to read really good websites in this platform. I take it as a good reading exercise. I know some people in this platform, as I have commented on their websites and contacted them back to appreciate them. I earn a little around $10-$15 a month through this section. And, I always thank WA for this opportunity.

My other friends are getting blogging courses from elsewhere, still dreaming to earn a dollar!!

SiteComment earning is a huge PLUS, while promoting this platform. I want it to remain as it is now, with some additional rules, that I'll mention in next section.


But of course, there has to be some additional rules to resolve top-4 issues.

Ideas that may solve above 4 issues:

Any ONE of below may work well.

1. A certified commenter must be a premium member and should have finished OEC/Bootcamp training (or) finished at least 3 months in WA. Along with current criteria of 50 comments.

2. A certified commenter will receive $10 discount coupon to pay for next monthly subscription. $60 for half-yearly and $120 for annual membership. Not more than $10 p.m. in any case.
(A rough estimate :)). But they have to retain certified commenter status all the way.

3. Certified commenter has to put at least 1 NEW post to receive comments, before giving comments on others posts. So that they will spend more time writing their own posts daily.

I repeat ANY ONE of above 3 may work well.

If you have more idea, please give them in comments.

But, taking away $$$ reward will be disappointing. Earning $$$ within WA Platform, makes it Unique. No other platform has this wonderful facility, anywhere.

Thanks for reading this post.



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Brenda63 Premium
Interesting. Akshay, I fear SiteComments. I do not know how to overcome that. One main reason due to rejection, and disapproving my comment. Seems to be too many strict rigid rules about that. I gave up trying. Not worth my time to invest in something that people do not appreciate the value and misunderstand then gets twisted all in the wrong context. So now I avoid it. How can I deal with that?
ericcantu Premium
The key to leaving a quality comment in Site Comments is to comment from the point of view of someone who has made a google search to arrive at that post.

The pretty much all you have to remember. :)

So many start off a comment with "I had never heard of this before..." The problem with that is, if you've never heard of the subject of the post before then how would you have arrived organically? You have to pretend you got to the post as the answer to your search.

The next huge issue is that so many people here dive into become an infomercial for WA. "Great article! I happen to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can tell you firsthand how great it is to be a part of..." Totally not needed.

Last, some people just create a summary of the topic. "Great article. I really enjoyed reading this article on _______. I agree when you mentioned _____ " which sounds robotic.

Just remember the point of view trick and your comment will sound genuine. Choose a point from the article and ask a question about it or raise a complimentary point the way a normal commenter would. Do that and you'll be just fine :)
Brenda63 Premium
Eric, that is exactly what I did. Still not accept my comment. I thought about that and then I said forget it. SiteComments mainly used for to help get Google to rank better than to wait for organic comments. And that part gets "abused," because of rookie errors and strict processes. Or those who are expert writers, they too get their comments disapproved.

Loes created great training related to SiteComments. In that training, its clear what is appropriate and what is not, she wrote on examples. I read all that and understood the training.

Perhaps because I am not experienced enough and made a rookie error. I only found out one reason for disapproved was because he didn't like what I said.

Perhaps I was blunt in my line of questioning. I brought my attention to the person who called one affiliate program "a crappy program" when it might not even be so. That's an opinion and can be misconstrued as negative. There are other competitors that seem similar to WA. Our job is to explain to the reader to the best of our ability how we can help and guide them to the right resources. Like Jay does in his blogs.

I feel an honest polite opinion is better than being outright opinionated about some affiliate program in a negative way. Like Kyle says, it doesn't matter what we say, some will still join a "crappy program." I asked why that WA newbie blogger thought a brand affiliate program was a crappy program. Just made a blatant opinion that WA was the Best the only one best program. Really? No such thing as the best of the best. Every affiliate programs have their pros and cons. The person got mad. I figured the newbie did not follow the training. Other times someone mentioned I was doing SiteFeedback not a site comment so I was confused (rookie error) but later learned the difference between the two.

Since then I have avoided making comments SiteComments or even asking for one for both in SiteFeedback and SiteComments.

Loes mentioned a "template" to follow and I find it hard to do. I know in this business gotta develop "thick skin."
ericcantu Premium
Well one way to get disapproved pretty quickly is to be confrontational. We both know you didn't mean to be, but I'm with you in your retrospect that that's maybe what happened here. This of course is no reason for you to not utilize Site Comments in the future though. It was just part of the learning curve. If you find yourself disagreeing with the point of view the post is taking, don't be afraid to skip it. :)
AkshaySaxena Premium
I think WA should STOP sending the disapproval mails.
I really don't care whether my comments are getting Approved or Disapproved :) But, I don't like WA email notification regarding comment disapproval.
Anyways, I have filtered out the categories of my choice. Now there are very rare issues of disapproval anymore.
There are a lot of learnings in SiteComment section. I've written an article on my big takeaway.
Babou3 Premium
Thanks for all this great suggestions.

AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks, Ingrid :)

alfredg1948 Premium
Great post Akshay, I completely agree with you about the site comments and I like all your suggestions.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks, Alfredo :)

ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon my friend, you have some very good ideas however I'm going to stand neutral on this one , the reason being in the past year or so that I have been apart of wa 99% of all the comments that I have received have been good ones, it was only one that stands in my mind that the gentleman that had Gavin a comment on that article had no idea what he was talking about, he must have been new. I use comments to help the search engines find my article, this is the only reason I seek comments in the wa , may you have a beautiful night in a very successful Journey.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks, Earl for your message. Actually, in yesterday's live chat, Kyle's intention was to take away monetary benefits from SiteComment section.
But, I use this particular benefit in promoting WA. Beginners like it. Hopefully, decision makers of WA will come out with win-win solution :)
AlanJE Premium
Good suggestions!
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks Alan. :)