Future of Web Content! Booming or Dooming!

Last Update: May 06, 2019

I'm writing this post because I've been asked by one of my mentor regarding the future of web-content!! This is what I think about its future. Do share your views as well!!

It is true that people always look for information in internet. So, being an internet marketer it is good for us to put a lot of content. But, where does the web-content leading to, in future?


Number of blogs are increasing and profitable niches are limited. Working on a website is a full time job. I've tried writing blog part-time, it doesn't work!! I just ended up writing 1-2 posts a month. Quality Content requires dedicated efforts and learned author.

Also, video content is getting more popular than written content and some bloggers like me are not OK with creating video content.

Internet Impact

When I was in the college, I searched for almost everything in internet. During my project phase, I was almost depended on Google. I've realized that, as education level grows higher, web-content plays a huge role in academics.

Also, the fact is there are 4.39 Billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 366 million since the year 2018. Internet users are increasing every single month worldwide. Therefore, there is a great need of a lot of good content-writers always.

It's a booming industry! It's never going to end.

When it comes to video. It is a learnable skill and it's rewarding in long term.


Future of web content is BOOMING. Also, it depends on Blogger's passion, dedication, constant effort in producing quality content and willingness to learn and being updated in their niche area. A lot of bloggers and content creators will be required at every single industry, in the future.

What's your views, BTW!! Let us know.

Cheers :)


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Babou3 Premium
Really well said!
We are here to last!
We must hang on and continue to do
a good work.

Have a wonderful day!
AlanJE Premium
Hi Akshay, There is a lot of truth in what you say, especially that blogging is a full time occupation, I think. I am wrestling with the video issue at the moment, and would like to do videos but am concerned about how to achieve quality content. I wish you success with your blog. Alan
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening my friend, you are correct in everything that you have written. I couldn't agree with you more, which leads me to this point, there is nothing that can be added to what you have already said. May you have a successful week my friend.
ShaneLacey Premium
Quality content is king.
Internet is only going to go from strength to strength.
Video is a must do in the future. Regards Shane.