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Last Update: May 19, 2019

You can see my community credits, it has reached to 300 and increasing!!!
This is an image from my dashboard?

What all I can do with them, except asking for comments or feedback?

How I got them?

It's just I spend an hour daily with SiteComment section. I learned a lot from other members' websites. Yesterday, I shared my BIG take-away from that section.

Anyways, I'm making plans, how to use them wisely!!

If you have some good idea, help me to figure it out, how can I spend it properly?

Spending 10-20 credits for a post is good idea or lesser credits per post makes sense!!

Trying to figure out!



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BVince Premium
I use mine to request comments for new posts immediately after posting one or feedback from everyone on changes to website - Kind of a reward for all the hard work - hope you find a use for them
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks, Brian. Yes, I was kind of overthinking to spend it :)
Thanks for your comment.