What Should You Blog About at WA?

Last Update: June 16, 2019

In a blog post, I revealed that during my 3+ years at WA, I blogged only half a dozen times. This was because I didn’t see the real necessity of blogging here. I was at WA to build my business. Period.

Then SAC month 1 showed me how important it was to blog on the platform.

“A good part about blogging is that your blogs rank in Google very efficiently and you will get FULL referral credit for this. Not to mention that all of your referrals and followers will be notified when you blog. So, as you start to gain a following you will get lots of reach.”

I remember a member called Hamilton something (I tried to find him but couldn't). He used to blog a lot here and I thought it kind of funny. Then I began seeing his blogs ranked in Google when I do a search on Wealthy Affiliate.

That was when I knew he wasn’t wasting his time at all.

How often should you blog and what should you blog about?

Maybe some members are ready to blog here but don’t know what to write.

This is what the SAC material advises:

Create at least ONE blog post at WA per week. Your blog here is something that you can truly start to leverage moving forward. It is up to you what you blog about, but typically I recommend that you blog about your journey, blog about things that you have learned, things that you want to share (in respect to your business) and of course any success.”

Yes, blog about anything that you want. But don’t forget the interactivity here. So make sure what you blog about could interest your referrals and followers so that they comment on it.

Anytime someone likes what you write, your rank increases. Obviously, the more people give you likes, the more your rank increases. (In case you don’t know, the highest ranks carry the smallest numbers. Thus rank 100 is higher than rank 200).

Kyle’s typical recommendation you saw above is to blog about:

Your journey: Yes, building your business here is a journey. You’re slowly moving from a complete beginner to somebody having some experience. Tell the group what you’ve learnt. They could be your failures, your successes, your joys, your pains, etc.

If you had some experience before joining WA, you are surely becoming a very successful affiliate marketer. You have a journey to blog about for others to learn from you.

And if were an ultra-successful affiliate marketer who joined, certainly your journey is going to interest a lot of people here and benefit them.

Things that you have learnt: I think here we can talk about things that we have learnt at WA and elsewhere which could help others advance their businesses.

The other day for example, I shared blog writing templates that I got from the hubpost. People were happy that I shared those. And the other day somebody shared something about how to forward emails here. This was something I had been wanting to do. So, it was helpful to me. You never know, what you share could be very valuable to somebody.

Things that you want to share: If you think people will be interested in something and/or it can help members here, share it. Like a niche, what may be humdrum to you may turn out to be exciting for another.

Share any successes: This one carries all its weight if you know that elsewhere (like on quora.com), competitors bash WA as worthless and other people want to know if they can succeed here. Your contribution will be the proof that yes, one can.

So, hop on your computers, get the keys working and put up your blogs here every week and see your ranks rise. Who knows, your blogs may rank in Google and you will get FULL referral credit for it.

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DaisyK78 Premium
This is a great post.
Everyone needs to read this.
I have been so confused about BLOG content.
I am going to share your blog.
Many Thanks
akolipenouko Premium
Daisy, I'm thrilled that you liked my post. This kind of sharing is what makes WA the greatest community on the internet. Thanks for your comments.
NS15 Premium
Thank you for this, I have been wondering what I should blog about.

Wishing you great success

akolipenouko Premium
I'm happy to have been of help, my friend. That's all this community is about.

Happy blogging at WA then!

TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Akoli,

yes my friend, I was indeed much more active here in the past.

Maybe now is a great time to get started blogging here more frequently.

Thank you for the shoutout and reminder Akoli,

akolipenouko Premium
You werea model I failed to follow. I hopeyou will bounce back and inspire some more people.
firstlearn Premium
Some great advice in here Akoli.

akolipenouko Premium
Thanks for liking my post, good WA friend.

Have a nice day and stay blessed.
SaraPoyner Premium
Great post, with some great advice, thank you!
akolipenouko Premium
Thanks foryour compliments, Sara. Have a nice Sunday.