How Much Competition Do You REALLY Have?

Last Update: March 05, 2019

What would you say if I told you that I had a secret? What if I told you that I could predict how much competition you have at this very moment, without even looking at you QSR?

Recently I was talking to a new member who was in what can only be described as “fear” mode.

This person was feeling disheartened because she was finding otherwise excellent keywords when researching in Jaaxy, but when she went to Google and did a search for the keyword, Google would bring back hundreds of thousands — or even millions — of results.

“Oh, my Goodness,” she would think. “How can I possibly compete with millions of other sites?”

How about you? Are you afraid because you keyword has millions of results, too?

But here’s the deal… you aren’t competing with a million sites. Not even close.

The Magic Number 10

Before I reveal the secret, I want you to think about how you search on Google.

When you are looking for something, do you look at the number one result? Of course.

What about the rest of the first page of results (i.e. two through ten)? Sure, sometimes.

Now, think about how many times you look on page 2 for anything? Not very often?

Page 20? No?

What about page 200? “You’re just being silly, AJ.” Am I?

That’s my point. You don’t. And if you don’t look past the first page of results, how many of you readers do you think will? Not likely, right?

Don’t let the number of search results scare you. You have the same amount of competition as I do. The same as anyone has.

Each one of us are competing against exactly 10 sites… ever. Have you figured out why yet?

Hardly anyone looks past the first page — or first 10 results — of any search. That’s you real competition.

How It Works

Once you have found some good potential keywords, you certainly want to look at Google. But not to see how many sites you up against, but rather to look at the top 10 sites and figure out what it’s going to take to take one of their precious slots from them.

What would you have to do to beat them? What might be required in order for you to DESERVE to be number one?

If their post is 1000 words, you need to write 2000. If they include pictures, you include video. And so on.

As you review the top 10, keep a running list of what you need. Figure out how to write the totally kick-butt post that blows any and all competition away.

After that it’s simple… just sit down and do it.

Happy writing. :-)

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Vpikelja Premium
Thanks for this post
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thank you. :-)
Babou3 Premium
Great post!
Basically, we must not be afraid to give
the best of ourselves.
Sometimes life is a competition.
Fortunately not for everything.

Thanks for this nice tips.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Absolutely. Too many of us let fear control our lives instead of taking charge and making things happen.
Encourager1 Premium
That’s great insight and very true. I never thought if it that way!
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thanks for your response.
RonFrey Premium
Great Post AJ

I agree the returned search results can be quite daunting, but even if you scroll through the pages of results, nine out of ten you will actually find that Google likes to exaggerate somewhat and will eventually admit to you that at the end of the day there are only around 200 or so results.

But, yes your competition is only what appears on page one and that is where Jaaxy is very useful:-

* Once you've decided on your keyword, copy and paste into the "Search Analysis" tab of Jaaxy, hit enter and the top ten results will be revealed

* Hit the "view details " button and you'll get loads more pertinent info regarding that particular ranked page including Alexa Rating, Number of words in that post and the URL to view it.

This is all part of researching the keyword that you wish to rank for - it may take a bit of time but at the end of the day is well worth the effort
Thanks Again
AJTrimble1 Premium
Exactly. As I said to Alex, it breaks my heart when I see people get all excited when they find an excellent result in Jaaxy, but then do nothing with it because Google seemed to indicate the competition was too great. They are letting fear take over for no reason; what they don't see is that 90% of what Google is showing them is insignificant because hardly anyone is looking at those sites anyway.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi AJ, good logic, folks can look at the number of results and just about pack up and go home.

With Google, they only ever show you about ten, before they throw up that page to say they have cut the rest of the results pout because that are the same or relative.

Most of us are comfortable with relying on what we are shown on page one.

Here inside of WA, we have Jaaxy that can tip the odds in our favor. When we do a search analysis it is easy to see who is on page one and from there start doing some due diligence on ways to out create the 10.

I like your thoughts on this, in the beginning, it can be a little daunting, we can work it through.

AJTrimble1 Premium
Yes. And that's the thing... I see people get all excited when they see the Jaaxy numbers -- rightfully so -- and then go into meltdown mode when Google tells them there are 4 million results. What they don't realize is 3,999,990 of them don't matter, because hardly anyone is looking at them anyway. It's the Big 10 that we're after :-)