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The fourth quarter of every year is characterized by an increase in both actual and attempted fraud incidents. It is during this season, all affiliate marketers are expected to be vigilant and stay away from suspicious behaviour.The escalating number of cases of COVID 19 has led to the rise of fraud cases, all as a result of a growth in usage of digital transactions and payment cards. During the holiday shopping season, criminals spring to life to perpetrate fraudulent transactions, with hopes
Travelling on a long journey that takes hours can be a real pain, however, if you take that journey while you are working - as an affiliate marketer - it is a beautiful thing! It is smart to always lookout for new and up to date techniques, tools and trends that work well for you. This will ultimately broaden your audience, and you will be able to keep in touch with your customers with up to date techniques.Use videos to help promote your affiliate services as a great way of increasing traffic.
I always looked forward to this moment when I would have my first YouTube video. It has not been as easy as I had imagined, and it has taken me five days to come out with the final video. Hopefully, with more practice, I will be able to shorten the time like most of the Wealthy Affiliate members on this platform.With the help of Powerpoint and a free version of HitFilm Express, I was able to create my first YouTube video. I will develop the training of how I created it.You can help me by sharin
With the latest Google algorithm update, what should we expect to happen? May be some of us have already seen the changes from your Google analytics.Google updates are to ensure that the best results are generated whenever a search is done. It tries to be fair to both customers and website owners.To keep your website ahead of the curve, let us take a look at what we should be doing to stay in line with the Google algorithm update.Do not try to get rich quickLately, there is a rise of SEO scams
As the number of Internet users grows, so is the sophistication of the Internet scams. In 2019 alone, 167,798 complaints were registered and $142.9M was siphoned away by scammers. Their prefered method of execution is phones, the Internet, email and social networking; while their biggest scams are in investment, dating & romance, false billing, hacking and online shopping scams.So How Can We Avoid Getting Scammed Online1. Verify the authenticity of the site by reading the customers review
This is a scam alert to Amazon customers on the Wealthy Affiliate platform; a majority of whom advertise and promote Amazon products on their niche websites.How the Amazon Scam is InitiatedYou receive an automated system call purportedly from Amazon claiming that your account has been tampered with and purchases made with your credentials. You are asked to Press 1 to proceed. If you do, you are transferred to an actual person (fraudster) who offers to help secure your account by asking for to i
Today I have finished a year as a Wealthy Affiliate member. Oh! how time flies. I would not have made it this far if it was not for the awesome people that I found on this platform whose contribution through blogs, chats, private messages and training, kept me going.Despite time constraints, I have been able to build and maintain my Travel/Leisure website. In the next week, I will spare time to start the Affiliate Bootcamp. The key lessons I have learnt in 2019 are: 1. The Wealthy Affiliate ca
December 16, 2019
I have finally finished the Online Entrepreneur Certification.I started off well; built my first niche website, got delayed trying to get affiliate programs to approve my website, learnt about social engagement and understood the power of publishing regular content.My greatest challenge has been limited time due competing family and work demands. Nevertheless I always utilize every free time to perform tasks on the WA platform and the ranking system rates me as a Helper.Next is the Affiliate Bo
After writing your keyword rich content – preferably over 1,000 words – and giving it the perfect headline, you may have to consider checking out a few things before hitting the Publish button.These actions positively affect your On-page Search Engine Optimization.Proof read your content to eliminate spelling errors. Grammarly is a tool you can use.Add relevant images. Copyright free/Royalty free images can be got from sites like Pixabay, StockSnap, Pexels and Unsplash.Add appropria
I could not resist the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Yearly Premium Membership 2019 offer, so I decided to subscribe. I consider this my early Christmas gift so I can now concentrate on achieving the following in 2020.Focus on optimizing my existing website to generate incomeBuild a new affiliate marketing websiteThis also gives me more time to engage in more research on affiliate programs, niche keywords, site ranking and preparing training. As usual, I will rely on my premium coaches and the