My First Month at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: January 30, 2019

It is now a month since I took a decision to join the Wealthy Affiliate Community. I always wanted to run a website but didn't know how to start. The opprotunity presented itself in December 2018 and I received it with both hands.

I have achieved the following in the last 30days;

  1. Received 2 training certification badges (3 to go)
  2. Setup my first website currently with 1 page and 9 posts
  3. I have made friends; and connected with wonderful people. Today I welcome my 400th follower.
  4. Upgraded my premium subscription to yearly

My major struggle was trying to connect my website to affiliate programs.

My plans going forward are;

  1. Complete the Online Entrepreneurship Certification Training and the Affiliate Bootcamp
  2. Generate more content/posts for my site
  3. Assist members of the community
  4. Generate referrals

I thank everyone on this platform because you have made this a great experience for me and I'm glad we are on this journey together.

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Recent messages
Dollypizze Premium
These are great and wonderful accomplishments. More grease to your elbow
Ahimbe Premium
Thank you for your acknowledgment. Stay blessed
LawalAremu Premium
I'm inspired my friend. More grease to your elbow.
Watch one of Jay's recorded webinars on how to connect affiliate programs and make money from your site.
Ahimbe Premium
Thanks brother for the tip. I will work on my weak area.
herinnelson Premium
What wonderful accomplishments, Ahimbe--and in less than a couple months! That's almost unheard of! Hats off to you, my friend!

Erin :)!
Ahimbe Premium
Thank you for your kind remarks Ambassador. This is motivating.
SnazzyIT Premium
Outstanding achievements that will carry you onwards and upwards from here :)
Ahimbe Premium
I will carry on. Thank you for morale boosting me.
TommyVTE Premium
Congrats you on the right track. Getting connected with affiliate programs gets easier when having more content and visitors.
Keep on learning and writing content.
Have a great day
Ahimbe Premium
Thank you for the tip. Let write more content.