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December 31, 2015
Just wanted to Wish Everyone here a Happy & Safe New Year's Eve!!! Cheers,~ KB
December 27, 2015
Hope you All had a Wonderful XMAS & continue to have a Wonderful Holiday Season! I'm now officially 60 Days in promoting this Amazing WA Program. My goal(s) moving forward is to generate $1,000+ in Monthly residuals/commissions & at least 10,000 Monthly by March 2016'
December 24, 2015
Just wanted to wish Everyone here in this Amazing Community & Wonderful Holiday Season & an Incredible 2016' moving forward! :)
So, my first two referrals who went Premium came through... Whoop Whoop! Prayers for the remaining 350 to convert soon:)Look out Picaso...LMAO!
When your hands are full running a small business the last thing you’re probably asking yourself is, “What am I going to blog about this week?” But as the due date inches closer and ideas are running on empty, panic sets in. Does this scenario sound all too familiar? No worries, this tip can help. Below are three ways to come up with great content ideas quickly. Quora: This is an exceptional outlet when it comes to intellect. I’m constantly amazed by the smarts displayed
Content marketing used to be simple. If you wrote enough copy, your chances of ranking high enough in search to gain visibility and traffic were pretty good. But because of the proliferation of content among businesses, bloggers and publishers, it now takes a little more determination to be seen. “Simply put, more companies are realizing the importance of content marketing, making it a more competitive space to occupy,” said Austin Paley, director of corporate marketing at Blue Foun
So, it's official... I've now be promoting the WA Program for 31 days & while I should be shocked, actually I'm not because that is how Powerful this program and community are! A big shout-out to Kyle & Carson for creating such an Amazing platform. I did this by simply promoting the WA Affiliate offers. It's amazing what one can do when they believe in the product. Starting in 2016' I will be focusing on my website and look forward to more organic profits etc...Also, I threw
December 10, 2015
*IMPORTANT*: Please make sure to leave your Facebook Biz page URL so I and the rest can like your page(s) as well!OK, so this morning I'm in the think tank( the shower ), and was thinking how we could all help one another by Liking one another's Facebook page should you have one. I'm sure you've all experienced how difficult it is to have someone Like your page with out having to either pay for it or purchase the likes with Facebook promotional type posts etc... If each of just simply Liked one
Hi Friends,Today, I am sharing some very good training on using Facebook ads either for the promotion of your product(s)/services and anyone promoting the WA Program. This info is from one of the best so-called guru's on everything social media and I am not endorsing or receiving anything from this person for sharing, but what I can say is she knows her $h(t....Hope this helps & Happy Hump Day to you All!
Google likes original content. The search giant likes it so much that websites with original articles are rewarded with improved rankings. But, not everyone likes to write, so what is a small-business owner to do to get this much-needed content? Give it a shot. You may find that you have a knack for sharing good advice. Content is more effective if it’s truly your own words and opinions. Remember, you’re not trying to win a Pulitzer, you’re writing to tell your audience what y