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The X3 Complete Home Gym affiliate program is offered by Jaquish Biomedical.  We developed the X3 home exercise device, which allows people to get better results out of a shorter workout than was possible with weights.  These time savings are important, because it’s a fact that the number one reason people don’t exercise is that they do not have time for their workout.   X3 is such an efficient workout device because it applies an intense stimulus to the body.  This is the logical result of our first priority.  If one is to receive significant benefit from a short workout, that workout must achieve a high level of intensity.  Because X3 uses elastic bands to produce force, the force applied to your muscles during an X3 workout varies, depending on what part of the exercise you are doing:  At the “top” of the chest press, just before lockout the forces on your muscles can be 7X what they were when the bar was close to your chest.  That ultra-high force triggers a faster adaptive response.  And when you can’t reach full extension on an X3 exercise, because of the high forces, you can transition to ¾ reps, where forces are lower because the band is looser.  Once your fatigued again, you can do ½ reps with lower forces still, and finally ¼ reps.  At the end of the set, you are barely moving the bar.  It’s not easy.  In fact, it’s brutally hard.  But it is short.  And that is what must be done to get the full exercise benefit from just 1 set.  And that is how you get a complete X3 workout in 10 minutes. X3 also provides an opportunity to engage all major muscle groups.  A perfect exercise product must provide a complete workout.  Anything less, by definition, is deficient.  Jaquish Biomedical researchers have carefully considered what exercises the customer needs to perform with X3 to exercise every major muscle group.  Their research is summarized in a 12 week online video program available to everyone who buys an X3.  As a publisher, you may be concerned about selling a home fitness product because many are ineffective and low quality.  X3 is different.  The product is durable, and well supported by knowledgeable people.  Your health is a lifelong commitment, and the product and its company should stand by you.  For X3, no assembly is required, and it can be stored in a standard file drawer.  The X3 bar and footplate are built in Knoxville, TN, USA out of alloy steel and Marine Grade HDPE used for the decks of ships.  If one of those parts ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace it immediately.  Our support team is entirely US based, and every member has been required to read dozens of research papers pertaining to human performance and exercise science.  Every member of our team owns and uses an X3.  Every member of our team has personally done the workouts you will do and benefited themselves in the same way you will. The X3 starts at $529, and in February 2019 our average order value was $514.  That price would put the average 15% commission at $77.10 per sale.  Coupons are also available for interested publishers. 

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