Wealthy Affiliate is the world's largest affiliate marketing training platform. Including the fastest WordPress hosting network, research tools, support and coaching community, live training, and 1000's of video and text based training modules. High recurring commissions of between $8 and $175+ per sale with the average sale generating $145+.

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rouser Premium
I am an old computer ignorate guy who has been around these programs for many years.....made a
little money on a few or them but most were fakes …...checked this one out and found that most
cites acknowledged it was fair and did what it advertised....Have worked with them for some time
now and found they do everything promised !! All I can do is recommend you join for a good home
income.....if it work work me.....anyone can prosper with W
steve557 Premium
where do i find my wealthy affiliate promotional link?
TheCatherine Premium
click on the dollar sign above and then links and tracking
WilJan44 Premium
I asked the day before yesterday in question link but no answer as of yet. So here goes again. I clicked on to be an affiliate but haven't received an affiliate id. How do I obtain one?
HelenpDoyle Premium
Will, expand on your problem a bit. What affiliate, did you need to fill out a form etc. Then I will look at finding an answer for you.
WilJan44 Premium
Hi Helen, I put a Wealthy Affiliate banner at top of my website but can't find my affiliate link.
WilJan44 Premium
just figured it out. thank tall that replied
BabsieRocks Premium
If you are a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you want to click on the dollar sign up above. A menu will appear and you choose the Links & Tracking. You'll see tracking links, you can make a custom link, and you'll see a tab for banners for your site, too. I hope this helps.

WilJan44 Premium
Thanks Babs. Your info was most helpful.

Crispypata Premium
having difficulty in obtaining a link
How do I sign up for this. This is the one that I wanted.
J-KWest Premium
For the longest time I was only earning commissions from Wealthy Affiliate, and not working with other programs I didn't realize how I was taking WA for granted.

Having added new programs to my site now, I've learned that not all affiliate programs are so easy to deal with... nor do they pay out immediately on the first of the month like WA does. It may be anywhere from 15 to 60 days or more with some programs... others you end up sending emails asking them to pay you. I just assumed all affiliate programs were like WA.


We have it really good at here, high commission rates, Kyle and Carson are exceptionally easy to work with and payments arrive on the first of the month like clockwork :-)
Carson Premium
Thanks for the comment Jay and Karen!

Kyle and I start as affiliate marketers in the very early days of affiliate marketing and we have always realized that affiliate marketers need tools, they need support, and they are incredibly valuable to any company who has an online presences. Look at all of the offline companies that are being swallowed up by Amazon because they have no affiliate programs, or a way to find affiliates. Fair commissions, tools, respires, training, support, and a medium to communicate are elements of a successful affiliate program, and most companies out there have few to none of this.

Thank for the support and being part of the community :)
Vickic3 Premium
I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate Referral program since last June and I have to say it is incredible
The commission % is the highest I have experienced and payments are processed easily and accurately at the beginning of each month.
People are able to join for free to take a look around this truly amazing platform and for serious business builders online, Wealthy Affiliate truly is the best
Carson Premium
Great feedback Vicki - we have always aimed to build a product and platform that first and foremost people love and can benefit from, but one that can also be shared by affiliates. High commissions, a recurring billing model, constant updates to the platform, and many tools for affiliates - it makes it a one-of-a-kind affiliate program and we're very proud of what it's become over the years!

Thank you for the feedback.
Hi. How do I start the process for Wealthy Affiliate. I am new and I need help,

Thank you