TIP TOP • We believe every man deserves to look great. • We fit your body. We fit your budget. We fit your style. • We fit you with the confidence you get when you look and feel great. At Tip Top, we know that every customer of ours is unique. For over 100 years, we've helped men all over Canada look great for all occasions: Prom/Grad, Weddings, events in general, and of course, for the workplace. With our entire range of products, available at your fingertips through tiptop.ca, amazing special offers and our easy to use, mobile-friendly website; we're the destination of choice for guys who want to look and feel great! What We Do: With thousands of products - from suits, and dress shirts to sport shirts, casual pants, and outerwear, our Tip Top online superstore has everything you have come to expect from Canada's most iconic menswear brand. In addition to everything you'd expect from our online store, at Tip Top, we also organize our clothing ranges by brand and lifestyle - offering a head-to-toe assortment of wardrobe solutions so guys can put a look together quickly and with fewer decisions. We're constantly evolving our product range to introduce new products and styles. For instance, we've invested in technology to create fabrics that are breathable and can repel stains; while many of our suits are influenced by activewear and sportswear meaning that our suits are designed for comfort and stretch as you move - all while looking great! At Tip Top it's a cinch to find the ideal match for your body, budget, and style. Work with Tip Top: We treat our partners like we treat our customers - everyone is unique! Commission: 2% (with bonuses for new customers) Banners: Creatives provided in line with promotions and seasonal events - we have a great calendar of activity, all year round! Datafeed: Updated with our full range of menswear

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I’m the Awin affiliate network representative here at Wealthy Affiliate. If I can answer any questions about the Tip Top Canada program, please let me know.