I am The Mind Coach Man. I have been coaching and empowering people for over thirty years. My products offer you the opportunity to financially benefit from one of the fastest growing businesses in the world ... personal empowerment and success strategies I offer a three commission payouts of 25%, or 30%, or 40% on the sale of my products: (Commission amount depends on listing position ... with home page feature paying 40% ... listing in category "Success Strategies" paying 30%) - Each of three videos ...individually - A sale of all three videos as one package - Audio book "Unleash Your Dreams" - Personal Mind Coaching Services Most people search for my services using the keywords: Success Strategies Overcoming Fears Personal Development Mind Coach Mind Coaching Life Coaching Life Coaches Prior to the pandemic I was presenting a tri-seminar series entitled "Living Life By Design". These three seminars were six hour events and to attend all three required an investment of $AUD935. As the lock-downs prevented live seminars, I recreated the seminar information in video format and are downloaded from the internet. Each seminar is represented by it's own video. Each video lasts less than an hour and is accompanied by an interactive workbook. The videos are: (A) Life Mastery - Overcome 2 Become LEARN HOW TO EASILY CRUSH THE ROADBLOCKS TO YOUR SUCCESS ! If you are you feeling either of these - Stuck and uncertain about your future - Unfulfilled and lacking clarity on how to live a successful life - Struggling to surviving when you would rather be thriving To live a life filled with certainty, being fulfilled with all the success you desire and thriving requires you first overcome what is blocking your path forward. Often it is very simple things that are blocking your life successes. If you are seeking to overcome some life challenge, then Life Mastery – Overcome 2 Become video is for you. Normal price $99.00 ($AUD) Your customers can use this Coupon Code SAS001 and benefit from saving 55% Price after using coupon code is $44.55 ($AUD) (B) Come Alive And Thrive Look around you and you cannot help but notice that in nature, all things have the potential to manifest abundance after the seeds of their own kind To do that, they must - Be fertile seeds - Fall onto fertile soil - Benefit from the best conditions You are a part of nature and you have access to amazing powers to create and manifest an abundant harvest of everything that you desire. Every thought, positive or negative, are the fertile seeds you produce. The fertile soil that you possess is your mind. Every thought seed has the potential to manifest life experiences after its’ own kind. To manifest an abundant harvest of all that you want to experience in your life requires correct use of the amazing powers that you were born with. Unfortunately you may never have been taught how to use them correctly. The Come Alive And Thrive video will show you how to easily access your true powers and come alive and thrive … even in the toughest times. Normal price $77.00 ($AUD) Your customers can use this Coupon Code SAS001 and benefit from saving 55% Price after using coupon code is $34.65 ($AUD) (C) Success Strategies- Playing To Win Trying to achieve success without a written plan is like going grocery shopping without a list. You may forget some important items and it is likely to cost you more that you expected. Living your life by design, I would assume is of greater importance to going grocery shopping. So you do not want to forget to do some of the things you need to, do you. Did you know that 92% of people who set goals and make resolutions actually fail. They even write down their plan, visualise their success and even use a vision board … but they still fail … even though those three steps are a vital part of achieving success. The Success Strategies – Playing Win video will how to activate the internal strategies, that when activated before writing your plan, will allow you to become one of the 8% who succeed. The three sections of your living life by design plan are 1) Time To Harvest Past Wisdom Where you will review your past and gain wisdom from your successes and also what you may see as your failures 2) Your Success Pathway Where you will recognise what you need to learn or change to ensure your plan is successful 3) Your Success Plan Where you will set your goals and structure the plan to achieve your goals. Normal price $99.00 ($AUD) Your customers to use this Coupon Code SAS001 and benefit from saving 55% Price after using coupon code is $44.55 ($AUD)

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