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Tessabit is a high-end boutique that has been at the cutting edge of luxury fashion since its inception in Lake Como, Italy, in 1953. With a sumptuous collection of brands both for men and women, Tessabit really is the only place you'll need to shop. Founded and operated by the Molteni family for over five decades, the philosophy behind Tessabit from the outset has been to provide high quality clothing and accessories from around the globe.With some of the world's most coveted brands such as Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabanna, Prada, Gucci and Givenchy, Tessabit is every fashion fan's dream whether man or woman. Tessabit believes that fashion should be an investment. That's why the entire collection consists of the most desirable brands and pieces that you'll love enough to wear year after year. Typically, the Tessabit customer is au fait with a wide selection of premium brands and with a number of regular celebrity customers, Tessabit prides its flawless collection on catering for those with a discerning, sartorial taste. So why not add that luxurious, continental touch to your wardrobe this season by visiting the Tessabit collection? AFFILIATE PROGRAM INFORMATION AND TOOLS  Tessabit offers a generous tiered commission package, where you could earn 10% commission with a 30 day cookie as standard. With a high conversion rate, Tessabit affiliates have a great scope for earnings. To ensure affiliates can really benefit from promoting Tessabit, they are offering all online customers FREE RETURNS ON ALL ORDERS.  The Tessabit affiliate program is being managed by our affiliate marketing team. We will supply all affiliates with regular product and promotional lead newsletter content, including updates and notifications on all the latest offers, sales and new additions to the Tessabit collections. We will also supply all Tessabit affiliates with a regularly updated product feed and marketing leading banner creative (which we will also keep up to date for you!) Unique content is available on request, as well as HTML emails for affiliates with contact databases. Contact Simone at simone@tessabit.com PAY PER CLICK TERMS  Tessabit welcome applications from PPC affiliates. However all affiliates must adhere to our PPC policy. No bidding on 'Tessabit' brand terms, or on misspellings. This includes both the brand term and URLs containing the brand term. You can use 'Tessabit' in the title or the body copy of your PPC ads, however, displaying our URL is not allowed.  We are more than happy for you to bid on generic terms, such as trousers, skirts, bags etc. You are not permitted to link directly to our site, or to use a redirect to send the customer directly to the Tessabit site from a PPC ad. We ask you to include the term 'Tessabit' as a negative keyword on all campaigns in order to negate the risk of appearing on 'Tessabit' brand terms. No typosquatting allowed. Please be aware that we carefully monitor paid for search on all competitive keywords and ask for your assistance in this process. Any affiliates found to be bidding on brand terms will be removed from the program. Any commission made on these sales will not be paid. VOUCHER & DISCOUNT CODES All affiliates must only promote discount codes given to them directly via the CJ/Tessabit channel. Any affiliates promoting codes which have not been supplied to them directly, will have the sales made using these vouchers reversed. CONTACT US The Tessabit affiliate program is managed by Jacopo Tarantini You can contact him at: jacopo@cooder.it and he will be happy to help.

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