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Start Making Money Today: Millions of people are buying office products and promotional items online every day and the number continues to grow. Don't miss out - join the Shoplet and ShopletPromos wave. All you need is a website and you can start making money. Earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase at Shoplet or ShopletPromos by linking from your site to or - it's that easy.   Here are just a Few Benefits to Being An Affiliate:   You can add value to your own website: Shoplet offers over 200,000 products for the office; and ShopletPromos, offers over 7,000 promotional products to be customized with your brand, logo, and more. If that was not enough, Shoplet offers a world class search engine, exceptional customer service, and free shipping on all orders over $45 from our network of over 130 warehouses across the US.   Applying is Fast and Free: To join, all you have to do is complete the on-line appliction. We will respond to your request within 5 business days. Once accepted, Shoplet will provide you with all of the tools to start selling. Note - Shoplet reserves the right to reject any application for any reason and our decision will be final.   With Shoplet - the Process is Turn-Key: Shoplet does all of the work. When a visitor shops at Shoplet through your site, we take care of everything - processing; shipping; tracking; customer service - we handle it all. We will also help you track your sales by providing you with simple and up to date reports.   4 day Cookie Return Guarantee: As long as your customer comes back to Shoplet and makes a purchase within the next 4 days, you will still earn commission on the sale.   You can earn money: It is easy to earn money when you take advantage of Shoplet's competitive commission structure ranging from 1-7% depending on products purchased.   Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us at 

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