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Natura is a global personal care brand committed to sharing the power of Amazon's biodiversity through sustainable and vegan beauty products. We are a purpose-driven company, the first public-traded certified B Corp, devoted to using business as a force for good. Over 50 years ago, our founders created Natura to empower people to make the world more beautiful through self-care, care for others and for the planet. We believe that feeling good in your own skin is the starting point for creating beauty. As we move forward with our international expansion of the Natura brand, so that more people around the world grow used to self-care, creating more care for others and the planet, certain that these relationships have the power to create more beauty in the world. Brand Assets Over the years we have carefully chosen our assets, commitments, and values that make us unique and unmistakable in the markets in which we operate. • Nature: The name Natura is inspired by the word nature and encompasses both human nature and nature that surrounds us. We know the science of nature and, since the beginning of the brand, our products have formulations with natural ingredients extracted from the Brazilian and Amazonian biodiversity. • Passion for Cosmetics: We believe in the transformative power of cosmetics. We make our products drivers of self-care through routines that awaken the senses via textures, colors, aromas, and feel of gentleness to your skin and hair. The result of this self-care is the sense of harmony and balance that results in well-being. • Well-being: For us, well-being always involves self-care, the ability to live and listen to our body through imagery experiences that awaken your senses. We offer products that enable self-massage and self-connection through the care of your skin. • Living beauty: We believe and promote beauty free from prejudice and manipulation, an expression of a truly beautiful person, regardless of standards. Our Way of Making Products • Safe for you and the environment: We use only safe ingredients according to the most current criteria of international science; we monitor 6,000 ingredients in twenty-four global lists of human and environmental safety. We replace controversial ingredients whenever there is any evidence of environmental or human health risks, even if it is not a legal requirement. • Against animal testing: Natura has not tested on animals since 2006. • Commitment to climate: We are 100% carbon neutral since 2007. • Beauty beautifully made: We have invested in a development model with communities in the Amazon region that values forest management and sustainable agricultural practices, fighting deforestation and ensuring forests conservation. Through fair trade, responsible sourcing, and respectful corporate practices, we encourage everyone in our network (partners, suppliers, and employees) to do business as a force for good. • Ecological packages: Our packaging is both beautiful and functional and tries to generate the least environmental impact as possible. We prioritize the use of recycled materials from renewable sources, such as green plastic made of sugar cane. Our Seals: BCorp, UEBT, Cruelty Free International, Peta Cruelty Free

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