MAGA CBD is a revolutionary American-made product that benefits America’s heroes! MAGA CBD features our patented NASA 3D stem cell and CBD-03 technology, all in a lipid infusion that gets more CBD into your body. Those 3 things make it the best CBD on the market. You can literally see, taste and feel the difference. And it’s safe for work because there is zero THC! Here are some of the great reasons to represent MAGA CBD and more details about who we are and what we stand for: The mission story: We are giving back to America’s heroes by donating 10% of proceeds to charities that directly benefit veterans and first responders The product story: There are great CBD products out there that just don’t have a product story that connects with people, and therefore many people who could be helped by CBD products miss out on the benefits. Why? Because they were never engaged by something they wanted to hear about that correlated with CBD. At MAGA CBD, we have numerous ways to get your followers engaged. Talk to them about: Technology – It’s not a gimmick. MAGA CBD is the most technologically advanced CBD product on the market, designed to get more CBD into your body for maximum benefit. Our patented NASA technology features CBD 03 purification and 3D plant stem cells designed in space and produced in a zero gravity reactor here on earth. Discount Codes for Affiliates to distribute to their followers. As one of our Affiliates you will receive a discount code for your followers to use. Our standard discount is 10% with different promos and opportunities throughout the year. These codes are unique to each affiliate. With MAGA CBD, there is a lot to talk about and connect over, while still offering a truly superior product that you can be proud to represent. We love our Affiliates and will go do everything we can to help you be successful, and to provide a product and image that you can be confident in.

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I’m the Awin affiliate network representative here at Wealthy Affiliate. If I can answer any questions about the Maga CBD program, please let me know.