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Calm by Wellness's affiliate program includes over 10+ CBD products for you to earn commission on, and we are one of the first companies to provide a functional terpene blend combined with broad spectrum CBD. All of our products are grown in Loveland, Colorado and manufactured in Irvine, California in a ISO9001 and cGMP certified facility (Made in the USA). According to Youtube reviews, we are the best tasting and most trusted CBD on the market today! We offer CBD products ranging from tinctures, gummies, to even muscle rubs. Our average sale amount ranges between $80 - $100 with a web conversion rate of 4.5% for the past 6 months. We also have a live chat support during business hours to help any customer make their decision to a natural solution. Our team consists of doctors, researchers, and medical experts pioneering the space and regularly feature the top CBD influencers on our YouTube channel. Overview Baseline Commission: 15% Cookie Duration: 30 Days AOV: $80 - $100 Conversion Rate: 4.5%

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JeannineC Premium
I’m the ShareASale affiliate network representative here at Wealthy Affiliate. If I can answer any questions about the Calm by Wellness program, please let me know.
HMHipkins23 Premium
Jeannine-I am wondering about promoting this one. I am struggling trying to find a niche. I just want to get started but I don't have no clue what to promote or what I can that can help people. All I know about is recovering for surgeries, going through a horrible divorce. I am not sure now that this is going to be something I can do. I know it can't be a easy as everyone makes it look to be on line.
JeannineC Premium
If you have knowledge about recovering from surgery, that could be a great topic. Same as going through a divorce, as that happens to so many people every year. I may suggest that if you choose that topic, to do so once you're done with your divorce, as you'll have a different perspective once it's over. So, for surgery, spend some time thinking about the posts you would create, the knowledge you would impart, and the products you would promote. Look at the competition for that niche. What can you bring to the topic that hasn't been done already, or could be done better? Those are the things to consider when choosing a niche. Best of luck!