Cindy Joseph’s Story: BOOM! by Cindy Joseph began with a revolutionary idea from the first pro-age woman: our late founder, Cindy Joseph. Long before she founded BOOM!, Cindy spent 27 years as a professional makeup artist. Working in the upper echelons of the fashion industry in the 80s and 90s, Cindy spent her days pioneering the “natural look” or “no-makeup look” on top models. This natural look would later become the inspiration for BOOM! cosmetics. At age 49, Cindy became a model herself. On the very same day that Cindy decided to let her hair go fully silver, a scout for Dolce and Gabbana stopped Cindy on the street in New York City. The scout asked Cindy to be the face of a new campaign. The casting agent was drawn to Cindy’s silver hair and natural radiance, and booked her for the campaign on the spot. This ignited a two-decade-long modeling career that would make Cindy one of the first silver-haired supermodels! At the time, Cindy was 49, 5’ 7” and silver-haired—hardly the lanky teenage ideal the industry had upheld for decades. But her beauty and joy made her one of the most recognizable models of the new century. One day, a friend of Cindy’s said: “You know, you were a top-end makeup artist for decades, you started your own modeling career at 49, and you have this amazing philosophy about authenticity and beauty—have you ever thought of starting a cosmetics line?” Cindy’s first reaction was, “No way. The world doesn’t need yet another lipstick!” But then Cindy realized that every skin care and cosmetics company that was marketing to women her age—in fact, every cosmetic company in existence—was anti-age. Anti-age, anti-wrinkle, anti-women over 35... Anti-her! None of that lined up with Cindy’s experience of aging. Cindy recognized that she’d become stronger, happier, wiser and more relaxed with every decade of her life. She’d become more, not less. So, what if she could create a cosmetics line that was pro-age and celebrated all the beautiful, empowering and joyful things about women’s natural experience of aging? And BOOM! by Cindy Joseph was born. For years, Cindy inspired women around the world to embrace their own natural beauty. She started the Pro-age Revolution to encourage women to support each other in their own beauty and love their lives at every age. She designed all the original Boom cosmetics and skin care that hundreds of thousands of women still use every day. It’s a pro-age, revolutionary line that countless women will enjoy for many years to come. Today, we honor Cindy’s legacy by continuing BOOM! and the Pro-age Revolution she began so many years ago. We invite you to join the Pro-age Revolution by checking out BOOM! and all we have to offer.

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