At Bad Athletics we are redefining what it means to be an athlete. ALL women are athletes. YOU are an athlete. The term ‘athlete’ is not exclusively reserved for those who compete on the biggest stages in the world. An athlete is an individual who has relentless determination to become better each day, regardless of their stage of life. Whether you’re a recent high school grad wondering what’s next, just finishing college, diving into a new career, or a new mom trying to navigate sleepless nights, you are an ATHLETE. Athletics is a lifelong pursuit, not something that ends when the final buzzer sounds! And just as athletes have coaches, teams, and consistent practice to build all the skills necessary to reach their goals, we have built this same system so you can navigate the game of life and ACHIEVE. You can live the rest of your life as an athlete. COME JOIN OUR TEAM Come as you are. Love yourself for the greatness you are today. Love yourself enough to take the steps to be even greater tomorrow. Everywhere we turn, we see people on the sidelines of life, aimlessly floating day-to-day wishing for more. Dare to be more! Fight for more! We fight daily. We fight for women to discover and pursue their limitless potential. We fight for women to be in the best physical, mental, and emotional shapes of their lives so they can conquer every challenge life throws at them. We fight society’s view of how we should look and act. We fight against comparison to other women. And sometimes, we have to fight against the biggest enemy of all, the voices in our own heads that tell us we aren’t good enough. But we are good enough. We are good enough because we are in this together and we will always support each other! There is room on the field for everyone. Don’t bench yourself! We don’t do anyone any favors when we don’t take time to better ourselves. Whether you believe it or not, you are part of a bigger team who is counting on you to be here! We are your team and we relentlessly encourage each other to see and achieve our potential. IT’S TIME TO ACHIEVE YOUR LIMITLESS POTENTIAL Be BOLD. Be DETERMINED. Be the athlete always seeking more. Don’t blame past events for what you haven’t achieved. Be present now, with all you have and have learned. Fight for the future you deserve! You don’t need to be empowered, you are UNSTOPPABLE. You are built to achieve. Start investing in yourself. Join our team. It’s time to choose you. The following 4 principles provide the framework and lay the foundation for what our brand is built on and the standards we hold ourselves to: We find purpose in the work and value strength over aesthetics. We empower women through training, nutrition, and personal development. We believe community is vital. We don’t support fad diets or trends when it comes to nutrition or fitness. Program Information 10% commission on every completed order 30 day cookie period $25 average order value Product feed available Regularly updated banners, text links & newsletters Dedicated affiliate management resource Exclusive insights into product launches & promotions

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