How do you control your plugins if you want an active website?

Last Update: June 30, 2017

How do you control your plugins if you want an active website? When my site health got up to almost perfect i can remember how excited I was, but it wasn't generating any more traffic or sales. And in trial and error I had noticed that adding plugins would drastically reduce the health ratings. But if you want to make it easy for your followers or visitors to share your page it takes a plugin. If you want them to subscribe to your mailing list, it takes a plugin. If you want to keep up with your subscribers it takes a plugin. If you want to give them easy access to your social media it takes a different plug in from sharing your posts to social media, and so on, and so on.

So how do you get the features you want when you need them on your site to make it easier for your traffic to navigate and spread the word?

And what about WooCommerce? If you want to start a page you can list all your products together that plugin has to be installed, plus all the aspects of it have to be installed as a different plug in. How do you manage those without losing your site health?

Also, why do you lose site health by just downloading them to have them available when you do need them but not even activating them until the time comes you need to?

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Stergios Premium
Hello, more plugins means lowest health because each plugin makes more heavy a webpage because of running more resources.
You can test your website speed everytime you install a new plugin.
Also, there are several different plugins for each feature, as an example for 'social share buttons' there are plugins with more or with less resources, you must find and use the plugins with lower resources to keep your website speed.
Finally, when you decide to take your website to another level (with more features = plugins), you have to consider about 'page cache plugins'. I know, one more plugin but a page cache plugin will cache all the resources of your website and the results would be awesome!
My website has installed 30 plugins including WooCommerce, I am using a page cache plugin + cloudflare + one more plugin which is actually disable useless plugins to specific pages. It was very painful to make all plugins and theme to work good each other, but know I have a super fast website with amazing features.

Hope that helps.